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Can I Reverse the Changes Made During Rhinoplasty?

I recently had primary rhinoplasty 6 months ago. We slightly smoothed out a hump and reduced the bulbous tip. Although my doctor did a technically... READ MORE

Nasal tip was de-rotated and shortened. Not happy with the way this looks. Is it possible to reverse?

In a revision rhinoplasty my nasal tip was de-rotated significantly, shorted by a couple of millimeters and the tip was refined and made somewhat... READ MORE

Can Nasal Tip Surgery Be Reversed?

I recently had nasal tip surgery, and am on my 10th day of recovery. I had a lot of cartilage in my nasal tip pushing downwards. I know its very early... READ MORE

Have any surgeons here reversed a lower lateral cartilage repositioning? (photo)

Had a revision rhinoplasty recently and just wanted the tip straightened. I had a twisted tip and wanted it fixed. One of the many extreme techniques... READ MORE

Is it possible to be reversing undesirable surgical changes to the nose?

7 weeks ago I had revision rhinoplasty to repair some minor things caused by an injury to my nose. But I am very unhappy with what was done. The... READ MORE

Building infra tip lobule and columella - options for grafts and pros and cons

Hello, I had interdormal suturing an a Tongue and groove Procedure which really changed my nose. I have a retracted collumella and a flat infra tip... READ MORE

Can I get a bulbous tip back? (Photo)

My doctor said he 'refined my bulbous tip' but I never wanted this done and I absolutely hate it. I am so depressed about it. Is it possible to get... READ MORE

Is it possible to reverse an Osteotomy and make my nose wider again? (Photo)

I flew out of the country 35 days ago to Colombia to get a rhino. I asked for the doctor to lift my tip some but don't make my nose pointy or skinny.... READ MORE

Reversing a tuck and groove procedure? I had rhinoplasty 6 months ago but realize I will most likely need a revision (Photo)

Apparently I had a tuck and groove procedure which reversed the hanging collumella and the lower part of the tip (infra lobule?). I never minded my... READ MORE

How to restore the nose? Widening my nose.

Please look at the picture: I am looking to widen the nose (reverse osteotomies), heighten the bridge, and add cartilage to the tip to make it more... READ MORE

Is it possible to reverse a rhinoplasty? Or get the nose to look very similar to what is what like before surgery? (Photo)

I had my bone shaved down and my bulbuous tip fixed. However, I am very upset with the results. I now just have a very fake looking nose and I would... READ MORE

Reverse osteotomies to restore the nose width soon after revision rhinoplasty

20 days ago I had small augmentation of rim cartilage, but the doctor made my dorsum thinner (although we haven't spoke about that before, I wouldn't... READ MORE

5 months post-op: Can my profile be revised to look like what I had before? (photos)

Hello doctors, I had my primary rhinoplasty in October 2016 and my surgeon basically did everything I didn't want done. In addition to many issues, I... READ MORE

Can separated dome divisions, sutured out laterally to batten graphs be reversed?

I have a huge ball shaped clown tip from the result of a revision rhinoplasty. the procedure included taking edges of separated domes and sutured... READ MORE

In revision rhinoplasty, can medial and lateral osteotomies be reversed to restore narrowness to nose as well as grafts removed?

My rhinoplasty was an error as surgeon performed a functional surgery though no prior breathing problems. She widened and lengthen nose with medial... READ MORE

I want Alar base reduction reversal. Please suggest how this can be achieved?

I had primary rhinoplasty on 1st May 2015. My Surgeon did Alar Base Reduction without informing me. My nose looks so pinched and I cant breath... READ MORE

Can a cephalic resection be reversed/ can it be reconstructed?

Unfortunately in a primary rhinoplasty too much was recected of my alar cartilages. Is it possible to build them up again? READ MORE

Sausage Nose Revision?

Once again a question concerning my unvoluntary sausage nose: As far as I understand by now, my bridge was narrowed and rounded. Before I had a... READ MORE

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