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Nasal Valve Insufficiency. Breathing Problems 2 Years Post-Op, What Should I Do? (photo)

Hey. I have had a rhinoplasty 13 years ago, and didn't suffer for any sugnificant breathing problems untill two years ago. One day, I felt that... READ MORE

Wanting to Reverse Rhinoplasty or Get an Improved Version of Old Nose? (photo)

I would like to reverse my rhinoplasty by derotating (lenghthening my nose) and building up the bridge rib graft have it be as slim as it was before... READ MORE

Can Medial and Lateral Osteotomies Be Reversed in a Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty a year ago for a deviated septum and both medial and lateral osteotomies were performed. Problem is that nose was naturally... READ MORE

Revision to reverse primary rhinoplasty, 1 year post-op (photos)

Doctors, I had a primary rhino over a year ago, my nose went from nice to ugly . the area I hate the most is my the lower half, tip pinched pointy... READ MORE

Can I Have a Revision Rhinoplasty to Get my Old Nose Back?

I'm 22 days post op and I'm having a huge feeling I'm not going to like my end result. I had diced cartilage wrapped in frasia to build up my bridge,... READ MORE

Any doctor out there particularly good at reverse osteotomies? (outfracture)

In a primary rhinoplasty the doctor performed lateral and medial osteotomies making my entire nose extremely narrow. I can't find a surgeon who would... READ MORE

Is it possible that revision rhinoplasty can give me my old nose back or at least close to it? (photos)

I had my surgery about 3 months ago and so far I hate it, I feel like I lost part of my ethnicity. I was hoping that if I get a revision it will help... READ MORE

Derotating Tip Via Loosening of Sutures?

I want to have my tip derotated by loosening the sutures used to rotate it up, per my PS' suggestion ( since he rotated it up buy tightening the... READ MORE

Can I have my old nose back with a revision? (Photo)

After the year goes by do you think I can go back to a more bulbous nose like I had before? I don't like the way this nose looks on me and I want to... READ MORE

Is it possible to get my old nose back? (Photo)

I've never had a problem with my hump, my surgeon suggested I remove it so I did. My nose looks really small now (not what I wanted) I also had... READ MORE

Can bulbous tip refinement be reversed? (Photo)

The surgeon used sutures- can these be cut so I can have my old tip back? Or does cartilage have to be added? It has been 6 months and my tip still... READ MORE

What procedure is performed to pull a retracted philtrum back in place?

In 2012, I had a revision rhino to correct an inverted v. Against my instructions, my doctor deprojected my nose, and in doing so my philtrum... READ MORE

Cartiage harvest for lenghtening and widening the nose- can this be fixed using ear or rib cartilage?

CLOSED rhinoplasty with bad results. The doctor fractured my nose and made it MUCH MORE NARROW My tip is also over rotated slightly and was also... READ MORE

Can Wideness of the Tip After Rhinoplasty Caused by Loss of Septal Support Be Reversed Back?

Can wideness and bulbousity that wasn't present before a primary rhinoplasty, but occured because of loss of tip/septal support be reversed? Can the... READ MORE

Removing L-shaped Gore-tex + Nasal Spectrum Cartilage Used on Tip?

I had an open rhinoplasty (Gore-tex L shape+ cartilage extracted from my nasal spectrum to support the tip of the L) performed in January 2013, the... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make my Nose Like Before with Revised Rihnoplasty? (I Want a Third Time to Make It Like After the First One)

My fist nose job when I was 18. By mistake I wanted the nostrils to be smaller; found a doctor; he damaged it; my nose became crocked and he put a... READ MORE

How Do You Get From the Photo Simulation to the Final Result?

I have heard that many surgeons don't take the photo simulation of the desired result to the operations room. Is that true? How you can one ever be... READ MORE

Is it possible to safety reverse an Osteotomy?

I would like to get an out fracture to make the bridge of my nose wider again. The doctor left my bridge looking pinched. READ MORE

Can I Have a Nose Similar to Pre-surgery? I Need Revision Rhinoplasty. (photo)

I need revision rhinoplasty. I had open surgery. I want the same nose as I had before. Exactly. Can I? My rhinoplasty operation was awful. I don't... READ MORE

Can a lateral osteotomy be reversed where doctor raised nasal bone in middle of face where normally was none? (photo)

I had a bad rhinoplasty experience a little over a year ago where the surgeon did a lateral osteotomy as well as medial osteotomy. I now have bone or... READ MORE

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