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Need a 4th Revision Rhinoplasty. Will It Help?

I'm very scared of doing another revision on my nose. Every time I try to get something corrected it ends up worse. The first Dr did two, first... READ MORE

Will Very Lightly Touching my Nose After Rhinoplasty Affect End Result?

I had my revision rhinoplasty 8 days ago and got my cast of yesterday. Last night and this morning I very lighltly touched the bottom portion of my... READ MORE

Not Sure Whether to Have Free Rhinoplasty Revision

I had rhinoplasty by a top surgeon in Thailand 1yr ago. I'm really unhappy with the result. Its extremely asymmetrical with uneven nostrils and off... READ MORE

2 Months Post-Op Rhinoplasty - Nose is Now Crooked and Longer Than Before

With hanging columella.My surgeon said its swelling and scar tissue because it's a revision,but x rays and new doctor showed hump on left bridge... READ MORE

Can Third Rhinoplasty Procedure Succeed to Achieve Final Results?

First rhinoplasty 2008 to correct dorsal hump. Disasterous results: roof collapse and bridge bump. Second rhinoplasty 2009 revision surgery results:... READ MORE

Nostril Support Issue After Revision Rhinoplasty

Weeks post-op one nostril almost completely closes (about a 1 mm gap is left open between the inner nostril and the columella) when I breathe in hard... READ MORE

Can the Width of the Nasal Bones Change After Osteotomy/rhinoplasty?

I just removed the cast from a revision rhinoplasty I had last week. I got it because my nasal bones were very wide since they had only been rasped... READ MORE

Exercise After Minor Rhinoplasty Revision

I just had a closed revision septorhinoplasty surgery to shave off some cartilage and remove some subcutaneous scar tissue from my open-primary last... READ MORE

Considerations on a Revision Rhinoplasty?

I am 8 months post-op. I initially had a bulbous nose, as well as a hump. My cosmetic surgeon gave me a round tip and apparently removed a lot of... READ MORE

Post Revision Rhinoplasty: Hurts when I Pull Down Upper Lip

Hi during my immmediate post-op revision rhino with tip graft(septal+ear cartilage), it was uncomfortable and also hurt sometimes when i unconsciously... READ MORE

Pulling Down Upper Lip Causes Nose Tip to Plunge?

Will constant , unconscious pulling down of the upper lip during the immediate to early post-op period of revision rhinoplasty( implant + tip... READ MORE

Will I End Up With Cephalic Rotation from Healing?

Hi, I had open revision rhinoplasty 7 months ago. Polly beak removed, shield graft put in. The supratip area is still swollen and I can feel the skin... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Revision Rhinoplasty in USA

Hi all, I am seeking an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon (many years of experience)that is: a) competent in revision surgery b) has produced... READ MORE

Swelling After 6 Rhinoplasties

Hello, ive had five rhinoplasties. sounds like a lot, which it is, but i had a surgeon botch my nose three times and it took a good surgeon two goes... READ MORE

I'm very unhappy with the results of my revision rhinoplasty, please help! (photos)

I'm very unhappy with the results of a revision rhinoplasty I had 3 years ago. The greater alar cartilage on the right side is lower than the right... READ MORE

Can a Long Surgery Affect Swelling and the Final Results of a Revision Rhinoplasty?

I was wondering if a longer rhinoplasty surgery would lead to more swelling as opposed to a short one. Also, can a great degree of swelling negatively... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty and Nitric Oxide Supplement for Bodybuilding

I am a bodybuilder and I had a revision rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago. In 1 week I would need to restart my training & I am required to start taking... READ MORE

When Do You Know Whether or Not You Are Going to Be Happy with Your Nose?

I had a revision rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago and I still find it piggish and bulbous. Is it going to get better or is this what I should be expecting. I... READ MORE

Some Days I Like my Nose and Other Days It Looks Awful!

I had a revision septoplasty and rhinoplasty 8 weeks ago and there are some days where my nose looks ok and other days it looks not so great. It's... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Photograph?

I am going for a revision rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. I would like a picture showing me what I may look like is this possible? I am scared to... READ MORE

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