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Can my Nose Be Restored to the Original Rhinoplasty by a Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist? (Photos)

I made the mistake of having a tip revision thinking it was uneven. Sadly my doctor trimmed the caudal/anterior ridge of the Left alar cartilage and... READ MORE

Is It Possible for Me to Restore my Nose Hump?

I had done a nose job when I was 17.I don't really like my new nose without hump and I really hope to restore it.It is possible for it to grow... READ MORE

I Really Want a Revision Rhinoplasty To Restore My Look To Before Primary Surgery, Is This Possible?

I got a reduction rhinoplasty 2.5 years ago. The doctor and I miscommunicated because I feel my nose was over-reduced leaving it thinner than any nose... READ MORE

Can bone be lost due to osteotomies? Can nasal side walls be restored? (photos)

I feel like the doctor made my lateral nasal walls too narrow. He performed medial and lateral osteotomies. I have attached two photos of women to... READ MORE

Can I get my original bridge restored? (photos)

My past surgeon removed the top part of my bridge (hacked off the bone : ( ); it caused an awkward dint/slope at the top; I had a high, straight... READ MORE

Is it possible to see where the nasal pyramid originally started (in the cheekbone) during an Open Rhinoplasty?

(Please read to end) Is it difficult to restore the width of the nasal pyramid? (Where the bone meets the cheekbone) In a closed rhinplasty my doctor... READ MORE

Restore original nose back/ botched nose job? (photos)

How can I fix what this surgeon did to my nose? -Is it possible to use cartialge plates that meet at the top, to augment the dorsom instead of using 1... READ MORE

How to restore the nose? Widening my nose.

Please look at the picture: I am looking to widen the nose (reverse osteotomies), heighten the bridge, and add cartilage to the tip to make it more... READ MORE

Restore Dorsal Hump?

I recently had a septorhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum and crooked nose. My dorsal hump was softened to a great degree that my appearance has... READ MORE

Restoring pre-operative bridge height with ear cartilage?

Please examine the posted pictures. The first picture is of my nose bridge, the pre-operative state. The second picture displays the post operative... READ MORE

Dorsal Augmentation: My surgeon hacked off my bridge. (photos)

Please let me know which grafting material would be best to restore my preoperative height. Please look at my before and after and provide feedback.... READ MORE

Is 20,000$ reasonable for revision rhinoplasty? 3 hours surgery estimated.

I went to a doctor and ask him if i can restore some of my old nose shape. He advised me that its early and have to wait and am okay with that and... READ MORE

Re-adding cartilage to enhance the cephalic orientation of tip cartilage?

Can this be done well? What is the name of the grafting technique? I would like to enhance my tip, by making it more bulbous. Are rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Botched nose bridge. Which materials would be the best to restore it?

Please look at the pictures: before and after. I recieved the nose job from hell. Whic thusly, has resulted in an aggressively reduced dorsum. What... READ MORE

Can you please recommend a good experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon in America?

I have had a bad primary in england and wish to get it fixed and hopefully restore some of my original traits to my nose so i get my look back.can you... READ MORE

Septal Cartilage Wrapped in Fascia.

Well good news: no septal cartilage was manipulated during my primary :) So, my next question is: can a DCF graft composed of fascia and septal... READ MORE

Questions for Revision Rhinoplasty. Any suggestions?

Hey doctors i my self will try a revision rhinoplasty to restore my old nose if that's possible(not my exact nose for sure), so I been seeing also... READ MORE

Can nasal bone be shifted in revision rhinoplasty to restore button nose?

I underwent a rhinoplasty 4 years ago for slight deviation to septum with an ENT surgeon. I didn't have any breathing problems but was hoping for very... READ MORE

Restoring nose tip to old appearance. Help! (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty to fix a deviated septum, and dorsal hump ~18 months ago. However the doctor also altered my tip which was never discussed. I am... READ MORE

Can the rib grafts be taken out & my profile restored to like it was? Can the tip be lifted again & made less projected? (photo)

Just had a revision rhinoplasty that was supposed to fix some cosmetic and functional issues with my nose. My breathing is good but my nose now looks... READ MORE

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