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Post Revision Rhinoplasty: Hurts when I Pull Down Upper Lip

Hi during my immmediate post-op revision rhino with tip graft(septal+ear cartilage), it was uncomfortable and also hurt sometimes when i unconsciously... READ MORE

What Are the Best Options for Attaining Symmetry Via Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

If my goal is to reconstruct my nose to attain reasonable symmetry of (1) nasal bones, (2) nasal cartilage, (3) alar shape, (4) nostrils, (5) tip, (6)... READ MORE

Septal Cartilage Reshaping Using Laser Technology?

I have found articles on the internet about the success of using laser technology to reshape the septum, is that technology available? I have already... READ MORE

What is needed for revision? Should my nose be built up or bones broken again and reshaped? (Photo)

I had primary rhinoplasty 3 years ago and have begun the grueling process of finding a revision surgeon.The only problem is, some drs say they just... READ MORE

The cost to removed nose silicone off or have to reshape again? (Photo)

Hi doctor I had nose surgery last year in my country Thailand. It's almost 8months. I thought my nose gonna be pierce out and my nose tip became red... READ MORE

Do I need a tip revision or a whole new rhinoplasty? Really want a smaller looking nose. (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty 8 years ago to remove a hump. I am still unhappy with my nose its very long and I'm unhappy with the end. Could the end be... READ MORE

Want a second rhinoplasty done to my nose but can't decide if i want the nostrils smaller. Please help!!(photos)

I got a nose job 2 months ago . I explained to her what I wanted ,but was a little scared of what I was going to look since it was my first surgery .... READ MORE

Can wearing heavy glasses frame cause your nose to saddle 1 year after your 2nd rhinoplasty?

I had 2 rhinoplasty,each time the bones were broken and cartilage reshaped.I have astigmatism and I have to start wearing back my glasses after not... READ MORE

Please HELP !!!! Non surgical nose job or 3rd Rhinoplasty ? (photos)

Hi doctors. I had two rhinoplasty in the past 6 years and my nose is still not looking right. I thought about a non surgical procedure as such as... READ MORE

Can nostril (soft triangle region) be reshaped under local anesthesia without sedation? (Photo)

I had a revision rhinoplasty, and now my nostrils are completely uneven (they were never this bad before). I had my nostrils lowered and alar rim... READ MORE

Can my doctor use the same goretex implant for my revision rhinoplasty?

Hi Ive had my open rhinoplasty operation with goretex implant back in 2008 (7 years now), and I want to have my nose revised . Can my doctor use the... READ MORE

Terrible rhinoplasty. Can it be corrected by revision? (Photo)

Ive done rhinoplasty 10 months ago!! My nose got really terrible! Could it be corrected by revision or its hard now to reshape? READ MORE

Do the lower later cartilage lose their strength when reshaped?

I had a revision over 4 months ago. LLCs were reshaped and moved. My tip was derotated and the LLCs were lowered down into my alar rims, near the very... READ MORE

Nose Bridge reduction and reshaping. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have already undergone one Rhinoplasty procedure, but I am not entirely pleased with the results, mainly because I think I wasn't clear enough on... READ MORE

I require an expert facial plastic surgeon opinion on improving my facial features (Photo)

I've had rhinoplasty 4 years ago as you can see from my pictures was not a very successful rhinoplasty Iam very unhappy about my present overall... READ MORE

"Nose reshaper" permanent cartilage damage? Fixable with rhinoplasty? (Photo)

When I was 17, I started using a "nose reshaper" that claimed it could make my nose smaller. It would squeeze the tips of my nose. I used it... READ MORE

Nose goes blue and numb after third rhinoplasty 1 year ago, is something wrong?

I had a third revision rhinoplasty a year ago. The first was to correct a break and to reduce the tip but the result got very warped over time. The... READ MORE

2 years ago: reshaped nose and cleared my airways: told they did this from the inside, also placed a fake tip. (photo)

I have had what feels like constant pressure and headaches for over 5 months now And told I have signs of infection in a CT on left side of head, now... READ MORE

I had a revision rhinoplasty with Gore-Tex implant removed and replaced, and reshaping of the ear

Cartilage at the tip of my nose. I get redness on my nose but there is no pain or whatsoever. Recently I had a pimple at the side of my nose. Should I... READ MORE

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