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Is It Possible to Put Cartilage Back into the Tip of my Nose to Lengthen It?

Hello, I had rhinoplasty surgery one month ago to remove a small hump and reduce the tip. I can appreciate that my profile now looks neater but I feel... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Replace Gore-tex Nasal Implant In Same Operation As Removal?

The nasal implant was done 3 years ago,everything is okay but would like to increase the height for more bridge. is it possible to have one surgery... READ MORE

Can An Infected Nose Implant Be Removed and Replaced? Is There High Risk For Recurring Infection?

Once an infected nose implant is removed can it be replaced with a new implant when the infection is completely cleared or my body is rejecting the... READ MORE

Can an Existing Piece of Ear Cartilage on the Dorsum Be Replaced with a Thicker Rib Cartilage to Raise the Dorsum a Bit More?

The bridge of my nose was low so Dr. George Peck placed a piece of cartilage from my ear on the dorsum. This happened 20 years ago. Dr. Peck did a... READ MORE

Rib cartilage or silicone replacement for revision rhinoplasty? (photos)

Hi doctors, I got my nose done twice 10 years ago. At first, I only got the silicon implant. At the second, I think that the doctor did a skin... READ MORE

Medpor removal and replacement from nose after 15 years?

Surgeons specializing in removal/replacement of medpore? I'm asian and had an L shape medpore implant placed 15 years ago to increase bridge height.... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty- Replace entire septum with rib cartilage?

Surgeon wants to remove entire septum and replace with rib cartilage due to persistent devisation (s shaped bend)causing breathing difficulty despite... READ MORE

Should I remove my goretex implant? (photo)

I got a septo/rhinoplasty done in 2010. I am bothered about the "dent" that is visible due to the implant. I spoke with my surgeon today and he gave... READ MORE

Revision Rhino. Does Medpor Cause Unusual Shape?

I was wondering regardless of your opinion on implants i wanted to know if medpor implants on the nose cause an unusual shape? i feel like the bridge... READ MORE

Can the removed bone from the nose in a Rhinoplasty be replaced with cartilage in a revision rhinoplasty?

Can the previous X-Rays and photos of the old nose, be a precise reference for the surgeons to bring the nose back as before the first rhinoplasty??? READ MORE

3rd rhino revision after implant replacement?

I had a synthetic implant for 10+ years and it was replaced with rib and fascia 1.5 years ago. I believe a spreader graft was used too, to bring my... READ MORE

How much risk is there to remove and replace an infected nasal implant and perform rib graft at the same time?

What kind of risk am I taking in getting the infected implant removed and replaced with rib graft at the same time? I was told that the infected area... READ MORE

How common is it to remove bone along with septal cartilage during rhinoplasty?

I had alar rim grafts inserted during a botched primary rhinoplasty. During my revision with rib grafting, my surgeon found these were made from bone... READ MORE

The use of conchal cartilage in restoring cephalic strip to enhance the size of tip orientation.

I underwent a primary rhinoplasty that which entailed the removal of the complete cephalic strip, as well as the application of two transdomal sutures... READ MORE

What percentage of secondary rhinoplasties require footplate(s) removal?

How common is it for a footplate or two to be removed during a rhinoplasty procedure? What is the approximate percentage of patients that need their... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty to remove medpore. Can it be replaced immediately? Recommendations for doctors?

Had rhinoplasty 15 years ago using L shaped medpore to increase height of bridge. Looking to do revision this year to replace with own natural grafts... READ MORE

Can lesser alars be replaced if they have been removed? (photos)

Can lesser alars be added back if they were already removed? Specifically, can they be put back in a way that they are tucked under the maxilla or... READ MORE

Is it very risky to remove goretex after 8 yrs and replace with a new one? (photos)

I had goretex rhinoplasty about 8 years ago and wasnt really happy with the result. The bridge is too high and unnatural, not straight and length is... READ MORE

I had a revision rhinoplasty with Gore-Tex implant removed and replaced, and reshaping of the ear

Cartilage at the tip of my nose. I get redness on my nose but there is no pain or whatsoever. Recently I had a pimple at the side of my nose. Should I... READ MORE

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