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I Had Revision Rhinoplasty Two Weeks Ago I Had my Bridge Narrowed and Tip Reduced,my Nose is Big? (photo)

This was my second revision the first two surgeries were so bad the last doctor left me with a deviated septum the tip had no definition asymmetrical... READ MORE

Second Nose Job - I Want to Reduce Nasal Bone Base Which is Meeting my Cheek Bone? (photo)

Do I Need Lateral or Medial Osteotomies? Can it shift Silicon implant (I had it inserted one year ago at first rhinoplasty ) ? Can it increase height... READ MORE

Is there less swelling in revision tip plasty?

I'm planning on having open revision rhinoplasty. We decided on the following: 1. Extending the length: by placing either septal/ear cartilage 2.... READ MORE

Too much taken off/ reconstructive rhinoplasty? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty in 2010, with a slight revision in 2011 (gortex to smooth an indent in the upper bridge). Now that my nose has totally healed, I... READ MORE

Can This Nose Be Improved? (Photo)

I had a previous nose job,, the dr didn't botch my nose, he gave me minor changes & my nose still so ugly, i need to know is it possible to... READ MORE

8 months post op of Revision Rhinoplasty to reduce bulbous tip. Is the tip likely to reduce further? (photos)

I am now 8 months post revision rhinoplasty to reduce bulbous tip and projected tip . The tip remains to be bulbous and I am unhappy with side profile... READ MORE

Redness 2.5 years after revision rhinoplasty. What are my options to reduce this? (Photo)

I had my first tip rhinoplasty in 2010. My doctor removed too much tip cartilage and I ended up with a pinched tip. In 2013, I had a revision... READ MORE

Is It Good Idea to Go Back to my Surgeon for a Second Rhinoplasty? (photo)

2010 had my rhino.2009 had a chin implant, now I'm thinking of reducing its size.returned to my doctor and suggested me to reduce the larger wing, and... READ MORE

I want a Rhinoplasty revision but have been told I have thin skin and that it's not worth it, need some pro opinions? (photo)

Had a rhinoplasty 1 year ago. To reduce tip and dorsal hump. Now bridge is uneven you can see a bump when you look at me head on and left nostril is a... READ MORE

Do I need a third Rhinoplasty to reduce bulbous and wide tip or should I wait 18 months ? (photos)

I am now 1 year post revision rhinoplasty to reduce swollen tip I have had 3 courses of steriod injections which did not help My tip is swollen and... READ MORE

I had 2 Rhinoplasty a to reduce the nasal tip . My 2nd rhinoplasty was 18 months ago . Should I have third rhinoplasty? (photo)

I am still unhappy and feel that I have a protruding and bulbous tip . I saw my surgeon today and he is concerned that further work on the tip could... READ MORE

Will cartilage be needed to fix my previous Rhinoplasty or deprojection the tip and reducing the hanging collumella work?(photo)

Ive decided to have revision rhinoplasty, but now the challenge is finding the best dr for my revision. 1 surgeon said he could bring my nose closer... READ MORE

I want a Revision Rhinoplasty to generally reduce the size of my nose. Revision Rhinoplasty or Tip-plasty? (photo)

Hi, I want a revision rhinoplasty to generally reduce the size of my nose. I went to a renowned surgeon who recommended a tip-plasty. My primary... READ MORE

How much of this tip can come off? (photos)

I've had primary rhinoplasty and revision. The second result worse than the first. I've got 6 months left of my one year wait to try to fix this. My... READ MORE

Can i get some of the features of my old nose back with revision rhinoplasty? (photos)

About 6 months ago i got a nose job and I kind of regret having it.I just wanted to change my profile because I didn't like my crooked nose. The... READ MORE

7 months post op, what exact procedure (and its cost) would be needed to fix my nose tip? (photos)

Here is a picture of my nose after I had surgery. I liked it very much: injury caused me to have another surgery. Bad result. I wanted it fixed but... READ MORE

Nose looks unnatural and wrong to my face after revision rhinoplasty/septoplasty 6 weeks ago

The bridge width has been reduced and my nose moved slightly right which has left a big gap under my upper left eye. The whole change looks wrong to... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty and jaw surgery? (Photo)

I have a long narrow face and an over projected bulbous nose.I had a rhinoplasty 10 years ago and the doctor reduced the tip of my nose but it still... READ MORE

If diced cartilage with fascia graft is too big and visible on surface of nose, how can it be reduced?

I'm researching revision to build up my bridge. Diced cartilage wrapped in fascia looks good. I want to avoid artificial materials and worry about rib... READ MORE

My rhinoplasty to reduce a bump has completely ruined my nose. Can it be fixed? (photos)

I want it fixed to resemble my former nose? Too much cartalidge has been taken from my nose and now my nose looks pig like with the tip too... READ MORE

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