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Why Do I Keep Growing Back Bone After 2 Rhinoplasties?

I had primary surgery one year ago, dorsal hump was removed followed by an osteotomy. 6 months later I had a minor revision which involved only... READ MORE

Why Are There So Many Revisions Needed After Rhinoplasties?

It seems like many people are seeking revisions (sometimes more than one) after a Rhinoplasty? Is this based on the skill of the doctor. I had my nose... READ MORE

Why Does my Nose Turn Red Every Afternoon After Revision Rhino?

Hi - I had a revision rhinoplasty 2 years ago. I have a very strange situation - every afternoon, my nose turns red, throbs, feels warm, looks... READ MORE

What is the Science Behind Staying out of the Sun After Rhinoplasty?

Just wondering. I'm going to the cape next weekend, and while I'm fully prepared to lather my face in 100+ SPF and wear a hat, I was wondering what... READ MORE

Why Would my Doctor Use a Spreader Graft?

My doctor never told me he was going to use a spreader graft in my bridge. I didn't even know what the things were until I came out of surgery unhappy... READ MORE

Rib Cartilage in Rhinoplasty Surgery?

I have recently stumbled across a blog entry on rib cartilage written by Drs. Litner & Solieman In their short overview of cartilage grafts, they... READ MORE

Nose Tip Droopy After Second Surgery?

I had a first rhinoplasty (closed) 1 1/2 years ago to raise a droopy tip. Immediately after the bandage came off it didnt look any different. The... READ MORE

My Tip Has Gradually Fallen a Week After my Revision Rhinoplasty, is It Swelling?

I had a revision rhinoplasty including an ear cartilage graft a week ago. The first day home from surgery I felt swollen, but already liked the... READ MORE

What Are Grafts Used for in Rhinoplasty?

What are the reasons a surgeon would use a graft of any type? Thanks READ MORE

10 Days After my Revision my Swelling Sarted to Increase, is This Normal?

After my first rhinoplasty my nose looked crooked because on the right side of my dorsum I had a bump that turned out to be bone, 10 days ago I had my... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - Front View Image?

A lot of doctors show pictures of how you will look after surgery from a side view. Why most don't show how it will look from the front? Obviously... READ MORE

Why do surgeons turn away patients?

I have been going to see surgeons about a revision. I have requested to have my tip slightly lowered and made bulbous again. My current nose looks too... READ MORE

Columellar stut problem

I had 2 rhinoplasties. Noticed after second one my nose locks into place when I move my upper lip. Apparently my columeller strut hits my nasal spine... READ MORE

Can someone advise why the bottom of my nose looks so weird? It has a 'wavy' shape the middle part of it. It is so wide (Photo)

I have had 3 rhinoplasty operations and after the second one I have hated how wierd the bottom of my nose looks it's like the columella is to wide... READ MORE

Why is revision rhinoplasty performed?

I heart that there is revision rhinoplasty performed. Why is that? What is the outcome meant to be? READ MORE

Why does upper droopy lip accrue after some rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty surgeries?

Why upper droopy lip accrues after some rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty surgeries? Is it because the surgeon actually cut some muscles or nerves... READ MORE

Why do I need to wait to get a rhinoplasty revision? (Photo)

I plan to get a nose tip revision surgery after 7 months from my first surgery. I know most doctors advise to wait for at least one year but why? I am... READ MORE

Why is my nose 4 weeks post revision open rhinoplasty larger than before? When 3 weeks post op it was very nice (Photo)

I am currently 4 weeks post revision open rhinoplasty to reduce the bump in the Centre of my nose from frontal view. I kept a cast on for three weeks... READ MORE

Does inside of nose feeling change after rhinoplasty?

I remember before my rhinoplasty when I put my finger into my nose it felt fine and normal. Then after rhinoplasty I had to get a revision because I... READ MORE

Can reason for supratip swelling (scar tissue or cartilage not reduced enough) be identified before nose is opened up again?

Swelling of the supratip (pollybeak shape) started 2 months after surgery. If is scar tissue and its removed in a revision will it reform a second... READ MORE

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