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Are my Expectations Realistic for a Revision of a Complicated Primary? (photo)

I had a primary to narrow my tip. Dr placed 8 grafts per op report (Columellar strut, alar batten, LC struts, radix, rims). I have disliked it for 5... READ MORE

Computer Imaging: Are These Reasonable Expectations for a Revision Rhinoplasty?

I want the nose to be smaller, more squared/shaped, and with smaller nostrils. Are these reasonable expectations and will alar base reduction be... READ MORE

Considering a Revision? Are My Expectations Realistic? (photo)

I'm not happy with the results of my rhinoplasty and I'm thinking for a revision. Is it possible to achieve this result with a revision rhinoplasty?... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Achieve My Desired Result Through Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Initial rhinoplasty done ~20 years ago. Secondary rhinoplasty done ~ 8 years ago. READ MORE

Need Tertiary Rhinoplasty. How realistic would a good outcome be? (photos)

My primary rhino (14 years ago) was very minor but too much cartilage was removed from my left alar dome. My revision was 4 months ago. I just wanted... READ MORE

Are these realistic expectations for my revision rhinoplasty? (photos)

I had my first rhinoplasty July 2013 and have a very uneven nose. My surgeon warned me it may turn and I may need a revision. I had a large dorsal... READ MORE

Do I Have Realistic Expectations For Revision Augmentation Rhinoplasty?

I had augmentation rhinoplasty on my nose in general. Its been 7 months post opp, My PS has agreed to perform the revision.He's going to use an... READ MORE

How realistic are morphing photos? (photo)

I have decided on a surgeon and attached are the photos he was able to morph for me. I have had 3 previous unsuccessful surgeries. I know I have scar... READ MORE

Are these changes realistic? Possible to get something similar to my old nose back? (Photo)

I understand that my nose looks better from the side now, but I hate how it changed my front profile. I think it looks too short and flat/wide now.... READ MORE

I Need Help from Surgeons Revision Rhinoplasty. Can My Nose Look Like the Picture? (photo)

I have had two previous rhinoplasties and this time I have a lot of fear. I've been very ill three years because of failed attempts to achieve my... READ MORE

Is this a realistic expectation for 2nd Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I stressed to my PS that I didn't just want my dorsal hump removed, but a small, feminine ski slope profile a la angelina jolie in order for it to... READ MORE

Is computer imaging for Revision Rhinoplasty typically close to the final outcome? Thank you.

Is computer imaging for Revision Rhinoplasty typically close to the final outcome? Thank you. READ MORE

My nose needs a revision. How realistic are my expectations? (Photo)

I have a rhinoplasty back in 2015. Two years post op next month. I always thought at the one year mark my results were what they were but as each... READ MORE

Is this a realistic goal for revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty about 5 months ago, I'm aware I have to wait longer to see the final result but I can pretty much tell that this is not all swelling... READ MORE

What augmentation results can I expect from Revision Rhinoplasty with rib grafts? (photo)

I had a first rhinoplasty that made me an extremely small nose. Before my nose was relatively big with a little bump but the surgeon decided that... READ MORE

I Want to Achieve the Result of the Picture, That They Are Not Nostrils?

Hello. I had two previous rhinoplasties with poor outcome. Now I have rib graft inside my nose. My question is there any surgeon I can get the result... READ MORE

Seeking a revision rhinoplasty , seeking a specific look who can do this ? Kim k nose (photos)

I'm seeking a revision rhinoplasty and want a specific look I've attached pics. Was curious as to if it's realistic and if so any suggested Dr.s that... READ MORE

Are my rhinoplasty expectations realistic? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty at age 18 which reduced the size of my entire nose, but left me with a droopy tip that is a bit crooked. At age 28, I had a... READ MORE

Correct upturned tip after rhinoplasty and "build back" nosetip? (Photo)

A month ago I had surgary and I am really worried. It's not only a cause of swelling :/. Now I need to know what to do next.What is possible or simply... READ MORE

Realistic Expectations of Raising Bridge?

Please view the attached picture. I had my bridge excessively reduced during my primary. I will be undergoing a revision rhinoplasty one year from now... READ MORE

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