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Closed or Open Rhinoplasty Better for Revision?

Ive already had an open one. my nose was broken and brought in, my tip turned up and some off of it & bump filed down.The only thing is he added... READ MORE

Pros and Cons of Ultrasound Therapy Post Rhinoplasty?

I have been doing some research about ultraound over the nose but have found none to little information. Ultrasound therapy have been used for sinus... READ MORE

What Exactly Would my Revision Rhino Require? Is It Straightforward? What Are the Costs?

Wanted refinement of wide tip & slight narrowing. Changes were slight enough that many people havnt noticed (which i wanted) but I was more... READ MORE

What Are the Best Options for Attaining Symmetry Via Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

If my goal is to reconstruct my nose to attain reasonable symmetry of (1) nasal bones, (2) nasal cartilage, (3) alar shape, (4) nostrils, (5) tip, (6)... READ MORE

Pros and cons of ear and rib grafts?

What's are the risks of harvesting cartilage from my ear or my rib? Which type of cartilage has more tendency to wrap over the years? Which type of... READ MORE

Building infra tip lobule and columella - options for grafts and pros and cons

Hello, I had interdormal suturing an a Tongue and groove Procedure which really changed my nose. I have a retracted collumella and a flat infra tip... READ MORE

Fat Grafting for Revision Rhino - Pros and Cons? Is it safe?

Hello, I currently have an infected silicone implant for my nasal bridge. I will be getting it removed in 2 days. My PS has indicated that he may be... READ MORE

More "aesthetic perfection" with kevlar versus rib cartilage implant in Rhinoplasty?

I am getting a revision rhinoplasty that will involve building the bridge a bit. My doctor gave me a choice between kevlar and rib cartilage. He has... READ MORE

Please advise on different rib harvest techniques in revision rhinoplasty?

Hello. Can someone explain the different types of rib harvest techniques, and pros and cons? I experienced extreme pain from my surgery. I know it was... READ MORE

Temporalis fasci or fascia lata from Tutogen? Which is better to rebuild nasal dorsum?

I am thinking of building my nasal dorsum because too much was resected. The hump is so strong that i am thinking diced cartilage with fascia is... READ MORE

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