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Post Rhinoplasty

I had a rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and my nose sticks out too much and is fat at the tip. This may be swelling but will it go down and will the tip also... READ MORE

Best Surgeon for Nasal Asymmetry and Nose Lengthening/nostril Lowering?

Hi, 2 months ago i had a nosejob. I had a secondary hump on my supratip; surgery was to take this down/slightly deproject.My asymmetry now looks a lot... READ MORE

1.5 yrs post op, the tip is big and out of proportion with the bridge. Do I need a revision? (photo)

Do I need a rhinoplasty revision? Post op over 1.5 years. I like the profile and front. But 3/4 view appears like the tip is big, out of proportion... READ MORE

How can I have a my nose proportional and balances out well with the rest of my face? What could be done to achieve this?(photo)

Unfortunately, despite undergone having two rhinoplasties, I remain with a large, over-projected nose that appears longer at certain angles. I've... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Doc Recommendations in Asia or Europe?

I had Rhinoplasty 2 years ago. Bump was removed. now the tip of my nose looks not proportionally big, so I am considering to do revision. Should I go... READ MORE

Research for 2nd rhinoplasty. I don't want my nose raised. I only want to width worked on. What needs to be done? (photos)

I had a nose job 5 years ago by a famous plastic surgeon. The doctor corrected a deviated septum and improved the appearance of my nose; even tho my... READ MORE

What Are the Risk in Having a Rhino-revision Surgery 4 Months After the Initial Surgery?

Three months ago I had rhino-plastic surgery. The swelling in my bridge has gone down but the bulbus still has some swelling I have been told.... READ MORE

How much of this tip can come off? (photos)

I've had primary rhinoplasty and revision. The second result worse than the first. I've got 6 months left of my one year wait to try to fix this. My... READ MORE

Reversing tongue and groove and fixing nostril length to gain a more balanced (non-operated look) is this doable?

Unfortunately I am one of those that will have to reconsider a revision rhinoplasty. Besides reversing the tongue and groove which left me with no... READ MORE

How can I find a revision rhinoplasty specialist who uses the "Golden ratio"?

I had a revision and it looks ok from the front, but from the side view it looks over rotated. It's not completely in harmony with my facial features.... READ MORE

Judging from the pics, can I undergo safely a nose revision after ten years ? I'm am terrified to get a worst result. (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty ten years ago. It didn't turn out as I was hoping for, however the overall look and face proportion were acceptable. I find it... READ MORE

Best surgeon in Miami for a rhinoplasty revision. (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty when I was 15 years old. Of course my nose still grew and after having two kids, I feel like it just seems bigger and wider for my... READ MORE

Is my nose still too big? (photos)

I had a primary surgery and two tip revision surgeries due to knuckling. I feel like my nose is still too over projected. I said this to my surgeon... READ MORE

What kind of revision do I need? Post 1 year rhinoplasty. (Photos)

I broke my nose two years ago. It's been one year since my rhinoplasty and to me something doesn't look right. Mainly my tip. out of proportion and... READ MORE

2 years post op and I still don't like my nose? (Photos)

I want a revision rhinoplasty so bad. My surgeon said I don't need one because there would be nothing to revise. But my nose is long, and the left... READ MORE

Revision wanted? (Photos)

Going on year 2 post rhinoplasty. It looks long because the tip is a little droopy. I want to look more porportional. Is it a smart idea to get my... READ MORE

22 Years Old Had Third Rhinoplasty 4 Months ago. (photos)

Hello doctor i need to ask u something 4 months post rhino swelling is going down but im feeling the skin between the eye is not sticked well like i... READ MORE

Potential and most appropriate treatment for a revision rhinoplasty case? (Photos)

Hi! I'm 23 yrs old, I have been genetically cursed with a thick sebaceous skin. I've had two nose jobs in Europe first in 2011, second in 2015 : in... READ MORE

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