Projection + Revision Rhinoplasty

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My tip is over projected after a combination Rhinoplasty/ Chin Implant. Should I consider Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a combination rhinoplasty / chin implant procedure about five years ago. However, it seems to me that my tip is over projected, and my nose... READ MORE

To Me It Looks As Though my Nose is Overprojected and I Have a Hanging Columella. Is This the Case? (photo)

I've had three surgeries so far, and the result of a delicate nose continues to elude me. From a profile angle, I think my nose looks overprojected... READ MORE

Can I Get My Old Projected Nose Back After Revision Rhinoplasties? (photo)

Hi 5 yrs ago i had a bad rhinoplasty. i went to another doctor and i had several revisions. i have had two lots of medpor, a rib columella strut,... READ MORE

Tip Projection Without Upturning the Nose - Revision Rhinoplasty?

Hello! I have to undergo my second revision rhinoplasty to project my nose (around 3-4mm) because my tip is too retracted and short for my facial... READ MORE

Is Revision Rhinoplasty Feasible for Me? (photo)

Had open rhinoplasty 15 yrs ago and have always been disappointed with the results. The surgeon didn't address my request for less projection, did not... READ MORE

Should a Surgeon Charge for a Revision?

I had rhinoplasty 1 1/2 years ago ..I have consulted him selveral times stating that my nose is not nearly as narrow after surgery as he projected... READ MORE

What Sort of Graft Would Be Needed to Extend the Tip and Produce This Result? (photo)

Hello, I had rhinoplasty surgery 2 years ago but unfortunately I am unhappy with the result. The tip of my nose has been over-reduced - it is too... READ MORE

What happens if the nose still doesn't look right after the revision touch up? (photos)

I got my first rhinoplasty 13 months ago. After 8 months got a second rhinoplasty/touch up cost free (other than anesthesia).The reason was that the... READ MORE

Can this nose be fixed? (Photo)

I need a seriously talented surgeon to do my third and hopefully final rhinoplasty. I need a grand slam and I will travel anywhere if I can find a... READ MORE

How Should I Explain To My Doctor That I Don't Want My Nose To Project Out As Much? I Want Us To Be On The Same Page. (photo)

This would be my 2nd nose job, I dont want it to project out as much and I would like little tip work, My question is what would be the right term to... READ MORE

Can anything be done to help me? Either another revision or filler? (photos)

After having tertiary revision rhinoplasty my surgeon tried to touch up his own work but made my nose look worse and my breathing non existent . He... READ MORE

I want a more projected tip and less nostril show. Can I achieve that in a revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I'm a 26 Caucasian female; originally from Lebanon. I had a rhinoplasty 3 years ago. My nose is now too short with too much nostril show and the... READ MORE

6 months post op, I have radix rasping. Any suggestions? (photos)

Today I explained that I was unappy with tip projection and high radix. He said he would not deproject my nose or shave cartildge because i have... READ MORE

Tip Longer Than the Bridge?

If after having a rhinoplasty to reduce the lenght of the nose the tip looks much more projected than the dorsum (or longer then the dorsum) what... READ MORE

Can the tip of my nose be reduced a little, made slightly rounder/softer with less nostril show? (photo)

I had a 2ndry Rhinoplasty 15 months ago to hide 'nostril show' from front. The surgeon grafted my nose with diced up ear cartilage btwn the bridge... READ MORE

What are the alternatives to temporal fascia?

I am looking to having a revision soon and I think the best route (as identified by various doctors) is to add fascia to the bridge of my nose to... READ MORE

What can be accomplished with crushed cartilage? (photos)

Hi I am looking to have a revision rhinoplasty soon. I am looking for minor augmentation of the bridge and maybe slight projection - like 1-2 mm. Is... READ MORE

Can I have a revision on my dorsum to reduce over projection? (photo)

Hi, I had a rhinoplasty 3 months ago and feel my tip is over projected. I have asked my surgeon for his opinion and he asked me if I would like... READ MORE

Question for surgeons- revision rhinoplasty

If a nose was reduced in primary rhinoplasty and the goal of a revision will be to add projection/build the dorsum or tip back up... is it sensible to... READ MORE

Should I undergo another rhinoplasty? I have had 2: one 7 years ago, and the other 5 years ago. (photo)

I am unhappy with my profile. I am wondering if I need another rhinoplasty, or perhaps a chin/cheek implants to create fullness in the face, I also... READ MORE

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