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Can my Nose Be Made to Look the Same from Either Side?

Nose different shape on each side of profile, can this be corrected? I have already had one nose job surgery READ MORE

Does my Nose Look Normal? 1.5 Years After 2nd Rhinoplasty? the 2nd One Was a Minor Retouch.

I have had 2 rhinoplasties. Initail surgery to shave a small bump. 2nd surgery to shave a little bump of cartilage that was left on the lower part of... READ MORE

I want my old nose back! Is it possible with revision rhinoplasty? (Photos)

I recently had a rhinoplasty to fix a twisted looking septum and reduce columella visibility a touch. The result was much more than I wanted. The... READ MORE

Morph for Revision?

Can someone please tell me why my original surgeon doesn't want to do a morph of a revision of my nose that didn't turn out well to begin with? Other... READ MORE

Unhappy with Rhinoplasty. Should I Remove my Implant? (photo)

I had my first closed rhinoplasty done on March 2nd 2012. I did it because I didn't like my bulbous tip. I wasn't happy with the results. 2... READ MORE

What would need to be done in revision rhinoplasty to get a more attractive result? (Photo)

I am 2.5 years post op and I am debating on getting a revision rhinoplasty to impove my result. I feel now my nasal bones are a bit wide, tip is... READ MORE

Is It Too Soon to Be Worrying About Pollybeak?

I had revision rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago. Doctor added a shield graft to increase projection, took down supratip slightly, and straightened septum.... READ MORE

Do I Need Revision Rhinoplasty?

What is my naso frontal angle (acute, obtuse, or...?) My surgeon used the silicone to augment my bridge, dorsum, and tip. And it turns out that my... READ MORE

I need help with my crooked nose. What would you recommend? (Photo)

I've had two previous rhinoplasty surgeries. First to fix a deviated septum and try to straighten from a childhood injury, second to try and... READ MORE

I Was Expecting Better, Was I Wrong? (photo)

Revision 7 weeks ago. As you can see from my before and after photos - first image from left to right is my end result, second one is my before -... READ MORE

Is a supratip break point difficult to achieve in a revision rhinoplasty? How is it achieved?

I have gone through multiple galleries of revisions and it seems like most women have a straight profile. I personally think that women just generally... READ MORE

What would need to be done to make my profile consistent all the way through? (Photo)

I had a primary rhinoplasty about two and a half years ago. I am not pleased with the outcome and was wondering what needs to be done to the profile... READ MORE

Extending the tip of the nose? Revision rhinoplasty (Photo)

I am looking to get a revision rhinoplasty as I feel like the cartilage implant where my nose begins has shifted a bit to the left and also cause I am... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Revision Septorhinoplasty, Difference in Profile but No Change At All to the Front View?

I am 3 weeks post a septorhinoplasty, u can see a difference in the profile but no change at all to the front view, i understand there is swelling but... READ MORE

After rhinoplasty, my nose looks too concave. I want to go back to surgery to get my profile straight. Is it feasible? (Photo)

I had a rinoplasty done one year ago to enhance the tip of my nose. I was clear with my doctor when I said I wanted a straight nose and I don't like... READ MORE

Can a second revision resolve any of my issues? (Photo)

Had revision rhinoplasty as first surgery proved unsuccessful and results worse than before. Originally had surgery as tip of nose was very pointed... READ MORE

Can extensive rib cartilage be removed from the nose 1 year post op? What are my options? Though crooked, I had a small nose.

The surgeon was able to straighten the nose using cartilage from my rib. Unfortunately, I have ended up with a large and bulky nose. I can feel the... READ MORE

How can I balance my profile? (Photo)

I've already had 3 rhinoplasty surgeries and I still think my profile isn't nice. My nose still looks like it protrudes but I'm scared to have another... READ MORE

Should I undergo another rhinoplasty? I have had 2: one 7 years ago, and the other 5 years ago. (photo)

I am unhappy with my profile. I am wondering if I need another rhinoplasty, or perhaps a chin/cheek implants to create fullness in the face, I also... READ MORE

Uneven tip and 3/4 profile after secondary Rhinoplasty. Pointy thing under left side of nose causing asymmetry? (photos)

As the swelling has gone down, I can feel this pointy thing in the left side of tip which I believe is causing assymetry. Although the nose is now... READ MORE

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