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How Much Does Revision Rhinoplasty Cost?

I am from Phoenix, AZ. How much should a revision rhinoplasty with little bone trimming, and some cartilage removal / restructuring cost in US$ terms?... READ MORE

I Am at 6 Months Since my Rhinoplasty,and I Am Not Happy with the Results. Any Tips?

I got a nose job last August. One nostril is way bigger than the other, & it is not flattering in pics whatsoever. I was told on here to wait... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty - Pricing and Cartilage Risks? (photos)

I went to a plastic surgeon yesterday for a consult to correct a still crooked bridge, droopy tip & still large nose after my 1st rhinoplasty 2 years... READ MORE

Is there any legal action I can take as far as trying to get a revision at a cheaper price/free?What are my best options?(photo)

As you can see the results of my primary rhinoplasty were less than desirable, not only is my nose thicker, (I wanted it thinner) it is shaped... READ MORE

Want a 3rd nose job but 10,700 - fix with my boobs now or wait until another facial procedure later? (photos)

I've had 2 rhinoplasties with the same Dr. First was in 2001, but felt too long and crooked and wanted to fix again and fixed in 2007. 9.5 years later... READ MORE

Can a nose tip revision be done without breaking the bone? (photos)

I am trying to find out more information on rhinoplasty work exclusively for the tip of my nose. I have no issue with the rest of my nose but have... READ MORE

Searching for an excellent revision rhinoplasty doctor in Mexico or in the US close to the border. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm searching for a very experiencied doctor on secondary rhinoplasty. I have a pinched tip, need septal lenghtening and maybe new cruras, accordidng... READ MORE

I want a rhinoplasty revision with ear cartilage. Can you tell me the price for this? (Photo)

I got a nose implant 5 years ago by L silicon, now i wanna remake with Rib rhinoplasty or ear cartilage rhinoplasty, can u tell me the price for this??? READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty for a tip that is scooped on angle side when smiling?

Primary Rhinoplasty done, when I turn to an angle ( left or right) like in photos then smile my nose is scooped but from the side it is straight when... READ MORE

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