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Pressure Feeling on my Nose. Is This Normal?

I had a revision rhinoplasty about a week ago and just got my splint taken off. I'm feeling an odd sense of what can only be described as light... READ MORE

What Are "Normal" Sensations After Revision Rhinoplasty

I had revision rhinoplasty a week ago to correct an open roof deformity (without an osteotomy) and inverted "v" deformity. Spreader grafts... READ MORE

Scrubbing the Nose After Rhinoplasty Revision (Narrowing Bridge/pollybeak Removal)

Hi there. When the cast came off 8-days post op, I wet the brush with soap and gently scraped the residue off. I'm 10 days post-op now, and this... READ MORE

Is my Nose Swollen from Being Irritated, and Will It Go Back Down?

I had revision rhinoplasty 8 weeks ago to remove the bump of scar tissue above the tip of my nose. At about 6 weeks (2 weeks ago), my nose was looking... READ MORE

Nasal valve collapsed caused by derotation/nose pulling down after rhinoplasty. Will counterrotation be enough to help?

I had a poorly healed rhinoplasty that was just revised & left breathing issues unaddressed. One of these is a nasal valve collapse on the left side,... READ MORE

How can I tell if I have nasal vault collapse or not, or just swelling and pressure?

I had a poorly healed rhinoplasty that pulled my nose down hard to the left & started feeling pressure 8 months afterward in upper lateral wall. One... READ MORE

Will I Affect the Results of my Nose Job if I Just Laughed Through my Nose?

I saw something funny on youtube and laughed through my nose, like as if I blew it a little. Should I be worried about if affecting the results of my... READ MORE

My PS Pressed on my Dorsal Bridge After Cast Removal?

I had a revision septorhinoplasty, with a lot of rasping done on my dorsal bridge. Immediately after internal splint/ cast removal, my PS pressed down... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, can I exercise after Reconstructive Rhinoplasty, Facial Fat Transfer, and Mid-face lift?

Running, Bike-riding, Swimming, Lifting Weights, Strenuous Yoga Poses (inverted / headstands), trampoline…These are some of the exercises I'd like t... READ MORE

The skin was lifted and now I have a noticeable dent. Is this scar tissue or cartilage? (photos)

I had a revision rhinoplasty in January 2015. Because too much pressure was applied with the splint it created an awkward profile and very crooked... READ MORE

3.5 weeks post op, when can I start doing Yoga?

I am 3 1/2 weeks post op. My doctor told me I could start exercising if I felt up to it after a week. I waited since then because I felt that it was... READ MORE

Follow-up. Very crooked nose after 2nd Rhino. Is this something I should be seriously concerned about 1 month post op? (Photo)

Decided to get rhino to fix my nose back in Feb 2014. My major concern was my profile & not so much my nose straight on. After a year of healing I... READ MORE

Goretex infection: should I have the goretex out and wait before revision surgery? or should it be replaced right away? (photo)

I have pressure on bridge, flashes of redness, small veins and little pimples; it is not clear if it is an infection. My surgeon does not believe... READ MORE

Do I still have swelling? (Photo)

I am 6 months post revision Rhinoplasty and still my supratip still looks convex at times. If I apply gentle pressure, I can hear a sort of 'popping'... READ MORE

Removing revision grafts after only 4 mos? Otherwise healthy 32F, open revision rhino done 4 mos ago for minor tip refinement.

Bridge narrowing/straightening & possible later alar base reduction. Once in OR, doctor instead placed dorsal/septal/tip/columellar strut grafts... READ MORE

Why does bump on nose feel spongy 8 months after revision rhinoplasty?

I have a small bump on nose bridge. I apply gentle pressure. It feels somewhat spongy. At 8 months after revision rhinoplasty could bump go away... READ MORE

I've had rhinoplasty 3 times. What is this hump? (Photo)

.the third one was in 1st of november 2014 this is the final question is what is this hump ..why when I press on my nose it become smaller... READ MORE

5 months post op Revision Rhinoplasty, I have pressure and numbness in my head. Is this normal?

Numbness started in my nose, I felt a bit of pressure in my head after surgery but it became progressively worse after surgery Has any doctor every... READ MORE

Is a revision septorhinoplasty worth it? Who do should I consult first; an ENT or plastic/cosmetic surgeon (maybe a lawyer hah?)

Would an ENT be able to maybe give some width back in all aspects of the nose and do you think insurance would cover another septorhinoplasty? I hear... READ MORE

Is it possible my nose hasn't healed in over a decade since rhinoplasty? (photos)

Hello, I had rhinoplasty January 2006 and I'm worried my nose hasn't healed since then. I feel that if I apply enough pressure to the side of the bone... READ MORE

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