Pig-like + Revision Rhinoplasty

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Upturned Pig-like Nose After Rhinoplasty

I had my Rhinoplasty surgery done 3 days ago and am very concerned about my nose now. I had a downward turned tip, which I asked to be corrected. but... READ MORE

11 months post op Revision Rhinoplasty, the entire tip looks piggy and has no definition. Any suggestions? (photos)

Eleven months ago I had revision Rhinoplasty. My septum was deviated, since surgery one nostril is literally pointing downwards where the other one... READ MORE

Will Swelling Reduction Shrink my Nose or Just Reshape It?

I had revision rhinoplasty ten days ago by a revision specialist. I'm in a bit of a panic because I have the upturned, pig snout many have written... READ MORE

Ever have a patient asking for a pig-nose? And were they happy with the results? (Photo)

Hi, so I'm thinking of having a revision rhinoplasty, but I would prefer if my nose was more upturned like a pig nose. I told this to my PS and he was... READ MORE

Does anyone know any good rhinoplasty surgeons (especially in california) who have experience doing barbie noses? (Photo)

I've had two surgeries before but it was too conservative I want an extra short slightly piggish, sloped nose (like cara delevingne) It will suit my... READ MORE

What suggestions do you have to fix my failed Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I need help. I had a horrible rhinoplasty two months ago, and now I look like a pig! I liked my old nose, but wanted to define the tip, and the... READ MORE

I need help to correct extreme short-nose caused by a surgeon who thought a nose like a pig would suit me. (Photo)

Please can anyone advise if they think they could make this better? I have a bone graft from my elbow currently. I am happy to have any correction... READ MORE

Is it possible to achieve a nose like this after revision? (Photo)

I don't like my nose at all, and I'm going to have a revision surgery as soon as possible. I edited a directional photo of my nose to look like the... READ MORE

What corrections should I have done for revision rhinoplasty (before and after included)? (Photo)

I am 19 and I had rhinoplasty done last year.It looks really unnatural.It looks like an upturned "piggy" nose and over-scooped.The tip also is huge.I... READ MORE

Best Revision Doctor For me (photo)

How could my nose be fixed to look more like it did before? Please help I look like a pig now and this has caused me a lot of anxiety and depression. READ MORE

I have uneven nostrils after a third rhinoplasty. Will this drop like he says?

I had a 3 revision rhino one week ago. Cartilage was removed from my ear to build a better tip. Unfortunately one nostril is shaped oval the other is... READ MORE

When will the tip of the nose goes down and looks normal ? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago and my nose still looks like a pig nose , i hade a rhinoplsty 6 months ago and now i hade another one 4 weeks to... READ MORE

I had a secondary open rhinoplasty about 1 month ago. My nose is so big and piggy now that I feel bad to go out! (Photo)

After my secondary open rhino my nose is very big while i wanted to make it smaller and more defined! About 1 month is passed and it seems a lot... READ MORE

Help! Who would be the best doctor to perform revision rhino for me? (Photo)

My rhinoplasty did not turn out the way I want. My nose is not to short and small for my face and looks like a piggy. I need to know what surgeon... READ MORE

Would it be wise to have hyaluronidase in my cheeks 2 days prior to rhinoplasty?

I had filler put into my cheeks and tear troughs. Unfortunately it has made my eyes look piggy and small and I am really upset about my new look. I... READ MORE

I had a closed Rhinoplasty surgery in 2007 and I'd like a revision for 3 reasons - please review. (photos)

1). I still can't breath properly. 2). piggy nose look where my nostrils are too open and you can see straight inside of them. Can this be fixed? If... READ MORE

Botched revision Rhinoplasty Resected caudal extention graft. Please what are my options?

Please what are my options? I have a severely upturned nose caused by my doctor who resected my septal caudal extension graft from the back by 2mm... READ MORE

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