Permanent + Revision Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty Revision Advice on Fillers or Best Method to Fill in Dents? (photo)

Hi, seeking advice on the best method to fill dents on sides of my nose. I've read conflicting info on perm fillers and read rib cartilage can warp... READ MORE

Can an Ice Pack Applied 72 Hours After a Tip Revision Rhinoplasty Alter the Cartilage?

Hello. I had my cast removed 72 hours after a tip revision. i applied a small bag of frozen corn to my nose at the intersection of where the bone is... READ MORE

Using a Graft to Correct Tip Ptosis

I had a revision rhinoplasty where a graft was used to correct tip ptosis. As of right now, it seems like I have great tip support, but will this... READ MORE

Closed Nasal Reduction 4 Weeks Ago, And A Bump Is Forming Where I Fractured My Nose. Is It Permanent?

Hi I have had septorhinoplasty 10 years ago and broke my nose again this past month. I went to plastic surgeon to see if I can skip closed reduction... READ MORE

Did I put a permanent dent in my nose from wearing glasses after Rhinoplasty?

It's been almost three weeks since I had rhinoplasty, and today I wore glasses for the first time for a few hours. I normally wear contacts but my... READ MORE

Nose Damaged After Accidentally Tripping

Last night I accidently tripped and hit my head and nose on the cupboard.The pain wasn't excruciating & all I could feel was a weird sensation... READ MORE

Nasal bone on the right side sticking out. What can I do to rectify the situation permanently? (Photo)

I had revision surgery 4 weeks ago, the swelling around the nasal bone has subsided. However, I have noticed that on the right side the nasal bone... READ MORE

Will this divot go away? (photos)

I got a revision rhinoplasty and so far I am 100% unhappy. I'm about 2 months out of surgery and as the swelling is going down lumps and bumps are... READ MORE

I have a permanent scar on the tip of my nose after open revision rhinoplasty. I do not know what to do? (Photo)

I had surgery on 9/30/14. After surgery there is a permanent scar on the tip of my nose and the shape of the nose is a disaster. It has been 9 months... READ MORE

What is a safe & permanent fix for filling a very deep radix? My Revision Rhinoplasty surgeon is recommending Gore Tex sheets.

My surgeon filed down my nasal dorsal hump with a rasp & had to fill my very deep radix. Over the nasal radix, a layered cartilage graft from septal... READ MORE

What permanent solution to a minor imperfection after revision rhinoplasty would you suggest?

I had my revision nose job done one year ago.Most part im satisfied but the only thing I don't like is that I have minor skin discoloration on the... READ MORE

After massaging nose post revision rhinoplasty, nose looks bigger and more swollen?

At my appointment today my ps instructed me to gently massage my nasal tip to try and correct unevenness forming on it. I am 2 1/2 weeks post revision... READ MORE

How is permanent damage to alar cartilages diagnosed & fixed in revision?

There could be a few causes: nasal trauma to tip after successful rhinoplasty where Medpor septal graft & ear cartilage help together alars but helped... READ MORE

Can the splint from rhinoplasty cause permanent skin damage?

I had revision rhinoplasty on June 1st. When the splint was removed, I had a prominent line/indentation along the side of my nose where the splint dug... READ MORE

Can the splint from Rhinoplasty cause permanent skin damage? Follow up.

My question pertains to the nasal skin. I have no complaint or problem with the shape of the nose- the shape and underlying cartilage and nose looks... READ MORE

My nose looks crooked and looks big 3 weeks post revision " rhinoplasty" (photos)

My nose looks crooked and have Something feels and looks like bone on my upper left side of my nose under my left eye, after 3 weeks post revision "... READ MORE

Are there any permanent anatomical landmarks that are visible upon open revision rhinoplasty?

My nose is significantly shorter and what is remaining is literally the inverse of my original nose. What was wide is narrow, what was narrow now... READ MORE

Will sniffing really hard three weeks post Operation cause any permanent damage?

I had my fourth revision rhinoplasty. My rib cartilage was used to correct my nose from collapsing when I breathed in, after a plastic surgeon cut out... READ MORE

Suture graft question

I had 2 open open rhinoplasties and had suture questions. Are there any grafts that need permanent sutures or almost all of them are held in by tissue... READ MORE

Do you think 3rd tip surgery has a risk of necrosis and nose melting, and would the results be permanent or not?

23 years old, contemplating a 3rd rhinoplasty... I had a closed and then an open rhinoplasty. I'm not satisfied with how pointy my tip is. I had... READ MORE

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