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Need Tertiary Rhinoplasty. How realistic would a good outcome be? (photos)

My primary rhino (14 years ago) was very minor but too much cartilage was removed from my left alar dome. My revision was 4 months ago. I just wanted... READ MORE

Is it possible to achieve both functional and aesthetic goals in a Revision Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I had two rhinoplasties done In 2009 and 2011 (both were out of the U.S.A). I didn't like the outcome and I believe that my nose needs derotation and... READ MORE

I have previous had 2 revision rhinoplasty surgery. (photos)

I'm still not satisfied with the outcome. My tip is asymmetric, I have trouble breathing, the graft that has been place in my nose is visible. My... READ MORE

Primary rhinoplasty bad outcome - how to correct? (photos)

Hello, I had a rhinoplasty 1 month ago to remove a dorsal hump to have a more feminine look. However, i feel the surgeon has overdone my nose. He... READ MORE

Seeking revision - Overprojected tip Pinocchio nose, will I get this desired outcome? (photos)

I had primary open rhinoplasty in Dec.2015. The goal was to remove bump, reduce overall projection, preserve front. The bump was successfully removed,... READ MORE

Advice for a revision rhinoplasty? (Photos)

I had a rhinoplasty many years ago but I'm not quite happy with the outcome, especially with the profile view. I'm ok with the front view. My profile... READ MORE

Can tape ruin revision rhinoplasty outcome?

Is taping just pointless, or worse, harmful?? My surgeon told me not to tape. He believed it didn't do anything but prolong swelling. I had a revision... READ MORE

Is it difficult to deal with bulky batten grafts in the nose with a third rhinoplasty? Can these grafts be shaved down?

I feel the batten grafts are causing the nose to appear round? Is there a 90% possibility that these grafts can be shaved down including any scar... READ MORE

Rebuilding dorsum - planning for worst outcome.

After a disastrous primary where my surgeon literally hacked off my bridge and my radix, I am looking to undergo a rebuild which thus entails the use... READ MORE

What is wrong with top left nose bridge after revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

My top left bridge (on the right side in the photo) is lower in height than the right side so the overall effect is it looks scooped. It makes the... READ MORE

How likely is this outcome with revision rhinoplasty?

Hi. I got rhinoplasty in June to correct a deviated septum and make my nose slightly less prominent. Bad decision. My nose ended up significantly... READ MORE

Why is revision rhinoplasty performed?

I heart that there is revision rhinoplasty performed. Why is that? What is the outcome meant to be? READ MORE

What went wrong and what needs to be fixed? (Photo)

I'm curious what might have caused the result I got, what needs fixing and what you think is possible? I had a consult with my retired surgeon's... READ MORE

Does this really look like a good outcome after open Rhinoplasty ?

I had surgery three years ago, I have never been fully happy with the results. The doctor performed open surgery, straightened my bent septum, filed... READ MORE

Wait 12 or 18 months for thick skinned revision rhinoplasty?

I had primary rhinoplasty 10 months ago. I've had a poor result with impaired breathing and need a revision. I'd like to have a revision at 12 months.... READ MORE

Building columella and possibly infra tip lobule? Do I need TIG reversed with strut or will plumping graft do the trick? (photo)

Hi I'm one year post op. I'm trying to figure out the best solution as I'm not satisfied with my outcome as I had a TIG which in my opion left me with... READ MORE

Considering a revision to a rib graft rhinoplasty but want to know about realistic outcomes and downtime. (photo)

7 years ago I had a rib graft revision rhinoplasty, however the graft is not straight and the tip is large and bulbous. I am interested in having the... READ MORE

Risks associated with reversing a tongue-in-groove? (photos)

In my recent revision rhinoplasty I wanted a slight reduction in columellar visibility. As a result, a small amount from my medial crura was "shaved"... READ MORE

What is the outcome of smoking marijauna after Revision Rhinoplasty?

I'm a pretty regular weed smoker and I'm curious if I've done any damage to my nose by smoking. Everything seems ok. After my first week and like A... READ MORE

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