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Can a Lateral Osteotomy Be Reversed?

During my primary surgery the doctor removed too much of a dorsal hump. There is some pain on the boney bridge area when I push on it and feels bumpy... READ MORE

What Needs Done During Revision Rhinoplasty?

Hello I had a closed rhinoplasty 20 years ago and the doctor just raspted the hump and left an open roof? and have a tip deformity. I saw 2... READ MORE

Nasal Bone Osteotomy - What Can I Expect With This Revision?

I had a rihnoplasty 3 months ago. Now, there is an open roof on my nose bridge. If I use osteotomy to close the roof of my nose bridge, how much... READ MORE

Any Success After Greenstick Osteotomy to Manually Readjust Bones?

I had revisionary rhinoplasty 9 weeks ago. There was a greenstick osteotomy preformed. My nose drifted quite dramtically to one side as a result. My... READ MORE

Can Medial and Lateral Osteotomies Be Reversed in a Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty a year ago for a deviated septum and both medial and lateral osteotomies were performed. Problem is that nose was naturally... READ MORE

What Action is Needed During Revision Rhinoplasty

Hello I had a closed rhinoplasty 20 years ago and the doctor just raspted the hump and left an open roof and have a tip deformity. I saw 2 doctors... READ MORE

How to Fix Notching Alar and Make my Nostril Look More Round? (photo)

Hi Doctors, i had revision rhinoplasty 7 weeks ago, my surgeon re-do osteotomy, use spreader graft with donor rib cartilage, and ear cartilage for tip... READ MORE

Can I Have 3 Rhinoplasty, Considering That the 2nd One Include Osteotomies? (photo)

Hi, i've 2 rhinoplasty till now..the 1st one doesn't include osteotomies ,and after 2 years i have my second rhinoplasty that include... READ MORE

Would Osteotomies Need to be Performed After Removal of Cartilage Graft from Nose?

Is the graft removable (rib cartilage onlay)... if so.... would osteotomies need to be performed after removal of the graft???? or just removal would... READ MORE

Looking for a Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon? (photo)

Hello.I am 19 years old,from Israel.I had rhinoplasty and septoplasty done 4 months ago.Unfortunately the result hasn't met my expectations.I need... READ MORE

Any doctor out there particularly good at reverse osteotomies? (outfracture)

In a primary rhinoplasty the doctor performed lateral and medial osteotomies making my entire nose extremely narrow. I can't find a surgeon who would... READ MORE

Post rhinoplasy/septioplasty bruising. Is it normal? (photo)

I had surgery 4 weeks ago and the left side of my nose seems to have a large lump that's making the nose look uneven. I had osteotomies done as well.... READ MORE

Do These 3 Different Plans for Secondary Rhino Sound Reasonable? How Do I Choose? 10 Months Post Open Septo-rhino (photo)

Doc 1: Osteotomies, silastic implant to raise bridge & push tip down, lower alar rims, spreader grafts. Doc 2: No osteotomies, rib to raise bridge... READ MORE

Comparing Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeons?

Please help me- who is the best Dr for my revision? I need grafts in nose tip (have thick skin) and possible rib cartilage to rebuilt my dorsal line.... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make Lateral Osteotomies Again to Reduce the Width? (photo)

About 3 years ago I had a septoplasty. 14.5 months ago, a rhinoplasty. The bridge was reduced in height and lateral osteotomies were done. It seems... READ MORE

Can This Nose Be Improved? (Photo)

I had a previous nose job,, the dr didn't botch my nose, he gave me minor changes & my nose still so ugly, i need to know is it possible to... READ MORE

Repeat osteotomy for a wide/splayed bone on one side only. Is it reasonable to believe a third attempt can correct it?

Prior to any surgery my nose was straight. Primary closed surgery which included spreader grafts caused right bone to heal very crooked. I had a... READ MORE

Is revision rhinoplasty always harder?

I only had bridge rasping in my primary and found the results undewhelming. I'm looking for osteotomies in the revision. In cases like this would the... READ MORE

Can bone be lost due to osteotomies? Can nasal side walls be restored? (photos)

I feel like the doctor made my lateral nasal walls too narrow. He performed medial and lateral osteotomies. I have attached two photos of women to... READ MORE

How much does a rhinoplasty osteotomies and a nasal tip rhinoplasty cost? (photo)

I want a revision on whether I should have work on refining my tip as it is still bulbous OR fracturing my upper bridge bone to narrow it so it can... READ MORE

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