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Nose too narrow and small for my face

Need revision surgery after my primary made my nose too narrow and small for my face . Had a cephalic trim.can t breath well )Doctor suggested onlay... READ MORE

Can the Narrowness of my Nose Before Be Reversed? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 14 months ago. All the swelling is down (please take my word for it, no changes since more than 7 months) My nose is much wider... READ MORE

Removal of Rib Onlay Graft and Spreader Grafts?

Hi, a few weeks ago I had spreader grafts and a rib onlay put in my nose (1st revision), and I'm a woman with a small nose that had a scooped bridge... READ MORE

Rib Graft Protrusion?

I had reconstructive rhinoplasty and an onlay rib graft was placed on my nose. The edges of the graft are very sharp and protrude through the skin,... READ MORE

Graft Removal Including Onlay and Dorsum Difficulty?

Can cartilage grafts adhere to the skin and make it impossible to lift the skin envelope. Also what are the risk to the skin and how can these be... READ MORE

Rib Cartilage Onlay Graft. Shifted and Too Narrow? (photo)

I have had 3 rhinoplasties in the past. An onlay rib graft was put on my bridge in the last one. Unfortunately, it has shifted and appears to be too... READ MORE

Onlay graft = only option for saddle nose correction?

Dear doctors, is placing an onlay graft the only option for correcting a normal height nose which saddled? Why can't the existing bone/cartilages be... READ MORE

I have upper valve collapse & v deformity. Can a tip onlay graft or bridge graft work the same way as a spreader graft? (Photo)

5 months post a bad revision where my dorsum was lowered & my upper lateral cartilages herniated off the bone. Before all that, I had an ear cartilage... READ MORE

Do I have to wait one Year to Rebuild Nose Bridge?

I made the mistake in getting rhinoplasty, while in hindsight I should not have had anything done to my nose. Now I am left with a severely reduced... READ MORE

Cadaver cartilage in the tip vs. Cadaver onlay on the bridge--do they both have the same likelihood of warping and resorption?

I've read from numerous sources that cadaver rib grafts on the bridge have a tendency to warp and especially to resorb. Do cadaver rib grafts in the... READ MORE

Shield tip graft/onlay peck graft question. Any suggestions?

1. I had 2 rhinoplasties and during my first one I had an onlay peck graft sutured to the domes and a nasal shield tip graft installed. During my... READ MORE

Rebuilding dorsum - planning for worst outcome.

After a disastrous primary where my surgeon literally hacked off my bridge and my radix, I am looking to undergo a rebuild which thus entails the use... READ MORE

Techniques in transfixing nasofrontal augmentation grafts.

I had a disastrous primary which involved the surgeon removing my rasping my radix and bony base down significantly. I am very interested in... READ MORE

Can a graft be septal readjusted without replacement?

My septal cartilage only graft was put in a derotated nose. The derotated was not corrected before the graft was put in. I can see it's much bigger on... READ MORE

Rib onlay trimming. The profile is not proportionate - can this be trimmed closed at 3 months post-op?

I had a rib revision 6 wks ago.overall I'm happy front looks nice and defined but I feel the doctor has over built the top of the bridge and radix the... READ MORE

Do I need to go to a surgeon who performs open rhino because of the strut required?

Are there some struts that cannot be placed in closed rhinoplasty but can in open approach? like onlay peck graft, alar batten shield tip ect... I had... READ MORE

I'm confused and worried about the placement of my onlay peck graft. Is it likely to come loose?

I understand that grafts go into a pocket and scar tissue keeps them in place.I had 2 rhinoplasties and I see in my notes that the first time the... READ MORE

Can anything be done to widen my nose after medial and lateral osteotomy and onlay grafts? (photo)

Can anything be done to make my nose more natural for my face had medial and lateral osteotomy and onlay graft Which made nose to high and took away... READ MORE

Onlay graft or other to have narrower and more defined bridge? (Photo)

Hi docs. I had revision rhinoplasty 1 year ago, it was a very difficult case because I had nose valve collapse, scooped bridge and pinched tip. I am... READ MORE

Can onlay grafts show through? Are permanent sutures better than dissolvable to hold cartilage in place?

One of the possible revision surgeons that i have seen says i will possibly need an onlay graft which if needed, won't be stichted down. Is there a... READ MORE

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