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Skin on Nose is Very Oily After Revision Rhinoplasty

My cast was removed yesterday and I have noticed that the skin on my nose is now very oily and I have alot of blackheads. Am I able to apply either an... READ MORE

Nose very big due to prolonged swelling/scar tissue after 2nd rhinoplasty; is it pointless to hope for a better outcome safely?

Thick, oily skin. In 2nd rhino, surgeon debulked nose,elevated tip,removed old scar tissue, & augmented tip w/small Porex implant. Saw final "result"... READ MORE

Steri-strips caused severe blisters on my nose after surgery. Why is this happening, is this normal, and when will it go away?

This week, I had a revision rhinoplasty 25 months after my first. However, five days post-op, my cast fell off (likely due to my oily skin killing the... READ MORE

Crooked Septum Post Op?

I had a septorhinoplasty 1+ year ago and since about a week post op, my septum has seemed to slant in one direction (was symmetrical before surgery)... READ MORE

Did my tip drop after rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had revision rhinoplasty including bridge work and tip refinement 4 months ago. My nose is still super swollen ESP tip area since I have very thick... READ MORE

Skincare After Revision Rhinoplasty?

It's 12 weeks since I did my revision rhinoplasty. The doctor said he had to do alot of work on my nose, most of it in the tip and above the tip. So I... READ MORE

3 surgeries, want smaller nose TIP. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have had 3 rhinoplastys and each time my nose looks thinner and better, just haven't reached my result again. Used to have oily skin and took... READ MORE

Post-Rhinoplasty swelling on nose tip after 2 years, want to learn more about steroid injections. (photos)

I had my first rhinoplasty four years ago. Then about two years ago me and my doctor decided there was still fatty tissue that needed to be taken care... READ MORE

Is a second Revision Rhinoplasty a good option for me? (photos)

Had septorhinoplasty, which left my septum deviated (hadnt been prior),then had a revision last year to correct that deviation. Now my nose is even... READ MORE

20 months post op rhinoplasty as you can see my nose is crooked after rhinoplasty. (photo)

Is there something I can do to avoid revision? I can't take another surgical procedure to do revision what do you recommend?will injections help?i... READ MORE

Waiting 10 years is better than 2 years after primary rhinoplasty?

I just have a primary rhino a year ago. The result is not bad (better than before and quite natural) but it's not exactly what I wanted. It could be... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty 6 months after primary surgery?

I m at 11 weeks post op, open rhino with ear cartilage graft at bridge and alar reduction. At the review, my doc agreed that my nose looks thick and... READ MORE

What factors determine the amount of scar tissue formation after a rhinoplasty going into a revision rhinoplasty?

Hello I prev asked the question about closed-open surgery-scar tissue. What other factors affect scar tissue formation: skin type? Because I have... READ MORE

Will my skin and smile lines go back to normal over time or will I need a revision? (photos)

1 year post op rhinoplasty skin on nose is still oily and smile lines asymmetrical one side is deeper. My skin has been oily ever since the tape came... READ MORE

Follow up: confused. Had implant removed 3 months ago and regret removal. Can I really have the implant replaced any time?

3 months ago I had a nasal implant removed because it had shifted (I was assaulted). I just didn't know what else to do. I'd like a new implant. My... READ MORE

Revision nose surgery on a patient with thick oily skin. (photos)

I have thick skin and had my nose done 32 tears ago. Although it looks good, i have been playing with my photos and decided that i would look BETTER... READ MORE

3 months post rhinoplasty nose not straight anymore (Photos)

I had a closed rhinoplasty 3 months ago, nose straightened, tip refined and turned upwards. It was all great until 1 month post op. Then the hump... READ MORE

I've had 3 rhinoplasties. My skin is still thick around bridge and especially the tip. It has no definition. What to do?

-Have tried kenalog (results are temporary). -Have thick, oily skin which I know isn't ideal. -When I massage and squeeze it with a little force the... READ MORE

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