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Had A Nose Implant in 2006, Took it Out in 2011, Got Another in 2012 in Thailand, Realized Implant is Off-Center?

I have nose job in Indonesia on 2006 with L implant silicon and the implant getting out on 2011 and I takeoff the implant because I worry it will be... READ MORE

How Do I Know if my Septum is Deviated? Also What is Involved in a Tip Rhinoplasty? Cost? Procedure? Healing? Etc?

I am uncertain if my septum is deviated. Can't tell but my nose is still "off" after three surgeries-experienced a trauma years ago. Right now the... READ MORE

Can my columella be re-centered on my lip?

I recently had a revision and the surgeon cut 3 mm from the base of my septum, cut a notch in my anterior nasal spine, and swing the septum over to... READ MORE

Should I get rhinoplasty again? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty surgery in 2013 for a deviated septum and to open my sinuses. I had 6 hours worth of surgery and a painful couple weeks of recovery... READ MORE

Can the bridge and tip of my nose be straightened without an osteotomy? (photos)

Is there a way to push the middle 2/3 of my nose over without having to do an osteotomy? My tip is off center to the left and to make up for it my... READ MORE

Why does my nose still look off centre after revision? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty in Nov and was happy with the results. the swelling started to reduce I notice that the septum still looked deviated. my surgeon... READ MORE

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