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Is Nine Hours Under General Anesthesia Too Long?

I am considering revision rhinoplasty and a facelift. The surgeon is a board certified facial plastic surgeon with excellent reputation. I am... READ MORE

How Long Does Swelling Really Last After Rhinoplasty?

I am 20 months post open revision rhinoplasty. This was a complete re-do as I needed extensive correction. The results are overall great and I will go... READ MORE

What Should I Expect for Revision Rhinoplasty Swelling and Recovery Process?

I just had a revision with ear cartilage 10 days ago. My nose looks much wider than before and extremely swollen, which is to be expected at this... READ MORE

Dent / Collapse - Can my Nose Ever Look Normal?

My nose is a wreck. I had one primary surgery to make it smaller and fix the large dent from a childhood injury. It never looked good. The dent was... READ MORE

Lump of Swelling Between Eyebrows Normal 3 Weeks After Revision Rhinoplasty?

HI, I am still very swollen since my revision, but theres been a very persistent lump of swelling between my eyebrows and the top of my nose bridge.... READ MORE

Slight Pain After 3 Months Rhinoplasty

3 months after revision rhinoplasty for mose lengthening and correction of over-exposed nostrils, i occassionally ( once or twice a day) feel a slight... READ MORE

Does my Nose Look Normal? 1.5 Years After 2nd Rhinoplasty? the 2nd One Was a Minor Retouch.

I have had 2 rhinoplasties. Initail surgery to shave a small bump. 2nd surgery to shave a little bump of cartilage that was left on the lower part of... READ MORE

Ear Cartilage was Removed During Revision Rhinoplasty, Have Had Ear Pain Since, Normal?

I had revisionary rhinoplasty two years ago and my surgeon took out a lot of my fascia and ear cartilage to build my dorsum. Since then, I've been... READ MORE

How long does swelling take for third revision rhinoplasty?

I'm 7 months post op (almost 8) and my nose is still very swollen. This is my third revision. The tip of my nose has a boxy look, could that be due to... READ MORE

Bump on Nose 2 Months After Revision Rhinoplasty, Could This Still Be Swelling or Scar Tissue? (photo)

I broke my nose about 7 years ago and had septoplasty and rhinoplasty in two separate procedures to correct my deviated septum and remove a hump from... READ MORE

Is Revision Rhinoplasty Common?

Are revision rhinoplasties common? Because I think I will need one :( I had rhinoplasty done 7 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago I noticed my nostrils are uneven... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Your Nose to Collapse (valve)?

Is it normal for your nose to collapse(valve) 7-11 months after rhinoplasty revision surgery? I bumped it a few times not very hard but noticed it... READ MORE

What Are "Normal" Sensations After Revision Rhinoplasty

I had revision rhinoplasty a week ago to correct an open roof deformity (without an osteotomy) and inverted "v" deformity. Spreader grafts... READ MORE

I Am 14 Months After Revision Rhinoplasty. My Nose is Still Very Swollen and Super Cold to the Touch. Will This Ever Go Away?

When the nose swells more it includes throbbing, especially with caffeine. I have tried cayenne pepper supplements (help a bit) and over the last 3... READ MORE

2 Months Post Revision Rhinoplasty and Still Extremely Swollen

I am now 2 month post op and the lower half of my nose is still very swollen inside and out. One side is more swollen than the other so it looks... READ MORE

Will I Ever Have my Smile and Face Expressions Back Again?

I had revision rhinoplasty and revision chin implant seven months ago. I do not smile or have the face expressions I had before. I look so horrible... READ MORE

Does a Doctor Need to See Previous Medical Records Before Performing a Revision Rhinoplasty?

I saw a doctor here in NY who charged me $250 for a 10 minute consultation and provided me with no hope. He said my nose was bad and that he would... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Nipping Pains in my Nose After Revision Rhinoplasty?

After my op i have been getting nipping and sometimes shooting pains in my nose is this normal? im slightly worrid as i dont rember having them the... READ MORE

Can Swelling Be Solid and and Heal Faster on One Side?

Hi , i had a nose job when i was 18 to correct a big hump but wasnt happy with the results but was always fobbed off but nearly 5 years later they... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Be Burning and Oozing 1 Week After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had a 3rd rhinoplasty exactly 1 week ago. The Dr. used a rib graft to rebuild parts of my nose. I am experiencing an intense burning sensation... READ MORE

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