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Alarplasty Revision? (photo)

Hi! It has been almost 7 weeks now from my sill excision. The problem is i was pretty sure 5 mm from each side would give me a good change and the... READ MORE

Third Time No Luck: Pollybeak Deformity Forming Again. Is my Dream Nose Ever Possible to Achieve? (photo)

1st rhino 1/2010: no fine tip, pollybeak, long nose revision Nov 2011: initially fabulous nose, turned into pollybeak after 1 month. 3rd: same doctor... READ MORE

Bump STILL There After REVISION? (photo)

I had my 1st SeptoRhinoplasty (endo) last yr (Aug.11) But I noticed that the bump was still there+ a VERY tiny gap in the center of the bump! He told... READ MORE

1 Year and 3 Months Later - Nose is Making No Progress?

It has been 1 yr & 3 mo. since my revision rhino of which I had my too-big silicone L-shaped implant removed & replaced with ear cartilage.... READ MORE

Considering Revision Rhinoplasy for Nasal Tip Refinement? (photo)

I went into my surgeons office today and told him the concerns i had about the tip of my nose still being bulbous- not much change from the way i had... READ MORE

Nose Has Become Almost the Same After 8th Day of Cast Removal in Revision Rhynoplasty? (photo)

Hi- I am 30 yrs old indian male. i have revision rhyno done.I had scooped up nose.My doc took the cast out on 7th day, nose looked great.But from day... READ MORE

Trouble Breathing After Second Nasal Surgery?

I had rhinoplasty for a tip refinement 3 years ago. Ever since, I've had difficulty breathing from my right nostril and my breathing is greatly... READ MORE

Problems 11 Days Post Revision Rhinoplasty to Remove Cyst From First Surgery?

Four years ago, I had a rhinoplasty to repair a broken nose which went disastrously. A cyst developed on the right side of my nose where the tip meets... READ MORE

Will a Revision Rhinoplasty Be Able to Make my Nose Look Normal?

What is required in my nose job? Working at tip, bridge, nostrils, wall sides, please, I need help. I made previous surgery and it made no results,... READ MORE

Had Revision Rhinoplasty with No Success? (photo)

1st Rhinoplasty: August 2009 / Revision rhinoplasty (same doctor): January 2012 Revision Reason: Silicone curved and shifted. Outline of the silicone... READ MORE

After Removing Cast, Nostrils Are the Same and Still Having Breathing Difficulties? (photo)

I have difficult breathing in my right side nostril , and doctor said he will also make it ok , but after removing the cast my nostril is the same as... READ MORE

Unhappy After Second Round of Rhinoplasty. What Can I Do?

First Rhinoplasty: 10 months ago.Main concern: hump but brigde was narrowed, cartilage removed from tip and lifted. Had to go back in March as I... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty- Surgeons, when have you had to say "nothing can be done," and is this common?

(examples of times you have had to tell patients that revision is not an option) READ MORE

Bad result because of thick nasal skin? (Photo)

Hi. I got two rhinoplasty. A full Rhinoplasty in August 2014 and a smaller rhinoplasty (mid nose and tip) in December 2015 and I am still not... READ MORE

Why isn't my surgery working?

Had three was open.but still have same problem,bump on bridge.small lump on each side of nose.surgeon says he will do Lt again.but... READ MORE

Hello! I underwent rhinoseptoplasty 10 days ago. In 2011 I underwent septoplasty(not rhino) which gave even worse result.

Now 10 days have passed and the doctor removed the cast and all from the nose for 2 days ago. My left nostril looks same even after operation, it's... READ MORE

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