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Can Depressions Below Nasal Bones Be Fixed During a Revision Rhinoplasty?

During septorhinoplasty the doctor changed the size and position of my nasal bones. The bones are shorter. Now,in addition to nasal valve collapse,the... READ MORE

Inverted V or Wide Nasal Bones?

I had close rhino 14mths ago to reduced hump on my nose,tip shortened and septoplasty. I wasn't happy with the width of my nose when the cast come... READ MORE

Painful Sharp Twinge Along Nasal Bones After Rhinoplasty - Is This Normal?

I had an extensive open revision rhinoplasty 9 days ago which included breaking and resetting the nasal bones. When I make a certain facial... READ MORE

I want to correct my crooked nasal bone without occurring a change to it and to the nose as a whole.

What is the best option that I can seek to get more alignment as the mid of nose is deviated and the nasal bones due to 2 fractures. I had a closed... READ MORE

Would revision rasping of my nasal bone make me worse off? Is it a risk? (Photo)

I want to rasp this prominent dorsum. Im afraid it would collapse or id be worse off. I knowy surgeon skilled. However what are risks and hows the... READ MORE

Is this a nasal spur that has developed after my recent rhinoplasty revision? (photos)

I am currently three weeks post op of having a rhinoplasty revision. I noticed pretty soon after having the surgery that some tissue or bone was... READ MORE

Nasal bone on the right side sticking out. What can I do to rectify the situation permanently? (Photo)

I had revision surgery 4 weeks ago, the swelling around the nasal bone has subsided. However, I have noticed that on the right side the nasal bone... READ MORE

Is there less cosmetic risk between removal of spreader graft or thinning of spreader grafts? why?

What kind of cosmetic issues can occur with removal of spreader grafts that are making nasal bones/bridge appear wide? Assume no prior breathing... READ MORE

Too much taken off/ reconstructive rhinoplasty? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty in 2010, with a slight revision in 2011 (gortex to smooth an indent in the upper bridge). Now that my nose has totally healed, I... READ MORE

Can you fix a collapsed nasal bone with revision? Recommend some very good revision surgeons that may be able to fix it (Photo)

During my rhinoplasty 3 months ago my left nasal bone "cracked" or "caved in" during surgery. I have been left with a very crooked, asymmetric nose... READ MORE

Revision Osteotomy on Right Side Only

Hello. I am a bit over a year post op and am scheduled for a revision in september. My right nasal bone is slightly flared compared to my left giving... READ MORE

Minimally invasive treatment for nasal valve collapse?

I just had revision Rhino a month ago. Preop I had some dif. in how open each nostril was, but the dif. in intake was not noticeable unless I occluded... READ MORE

2/3 of my nose hook down while smiling after implant removal. What can I do in revision?

I was injured, (lower lateral cartilage healed derotated-I actually watched the nose drop/shift after injury), about 1 mm elevated, and derotated to... READ MORE

I had a revision nasal bone rasping with osteomy 9 days ago. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a revision nasal bone rasping with osteomy 9 days ago. The dr told me i should do compression excercises over the sidewalls. I feel like one... READ MORE

4 days post op Revision Rhinoplasty, my left nasal is still bleeding. Any suggestions?

I had a revision RP 4 days ago. However my left nasal is still bleeding..dripping not gushing keep changing drip bad 3x a day. But it still is quite a... READ MORE

Please can you recommend a surgeon for a nose with thick/ bulky skin with little nasal definition? (photos)

I had open rhinoplasty in Poland 2 years ago now. Even though the nose 'has been done' the results are impossible to see because of my thick and bulky... READ MORE

I had 2 Rhinoplasty a to reduce the nasal tip . My 2nd rhinoplasty was 18 months ago . Should I have third rhinoplasty? (photo)

I am still unhappy and feel that I have a protruding and bulbous tip . I saw my surgeon today and he is concerned that further work on the tip could... READ MORE

How complex will this revision be? Is this even possible to fix? will my nose ever be able to be made straight again? (photo)

During my rhinoplasty 3 months ago my left nasal bone cracked. This has caused many issues and left me with a very deformed and crooked nose from the... READ MORE

Can a revision rhinoplasty remove spreader grafts & infracture nasal bones to restore orignal bridge and tip narrowness? (Photo)

I am 2 1/2 years post op surgery to fix a slightly deviated septum. The surgery was a failure whereas my intentions were for surgery purely for... READ MORE

Should I Touch my nose.. Again? (photos)

2 years ago I had rhinoplasty/septoplasty to fix my nose after I was hit with a softball ten years ago. I also had my bifurcated nasal tip fixed. When... READ MORE

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