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How Many Revisions Can One Safely Get for a Nose Job?

I have had 3 nose jobs and my nose is still very long. Is it unsafe to try and have a 4th revision? What makes it look really long is the hollowed out... READ MORE

Left with a Crease and Dent on Side of my Nose After Revision, Ive Had 4 2nd Opinions and No One Knows How to Fix It! (photo)

Ive had 3 revisions, in the last one the dr left me with what look like he pinched the side of my nose and stayed that way. There is a slight dent on... READ MORE

Possible To Narrow Nose After Spreader Graft Made It Too Wide?

I had rhinoplsty in which a spreader graft was used. i am unhappy with how wide my bridge appears now. it is possible to narrow it? i have had 2... READ MORE

Is Revision Rhinoplasty Still Possible After 6 Revisions?

I had a botched rhinoplasty and have been trying to fix my nose since. It's been 7 years and I've had several revisions and my nose still... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried About Rhinoplasty Related Necrosis After Multiple Surgeries?

Hello, i have had 4 bad bad rhinoplasties and i have now found a good surgeon to correct my nasal deformities. HOWEVER, i am very concerned about... READ MORE

Why Are There So Many Revisions Needed After Rhinoplasties?

It seems like many people are seeking revisions (sometimes more than one) after a Rhinoplasty? Is this based on the skill of the doctor. I had my nose... READ MORE

Are 6 Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeries Too Many?

I have had five surgeries now as the first 4 were a complete disaster and the last surgeon had to totally reconstruct my nose with cartilage and... READ MORE

Should I Go for a 4th Revision? (photo)

I had a 3rd revision rhinoplasty last october and now after 6 months my nose is still very big with uneven nostrils and a very big tip...i have thick... READ MORE

Am I Pushing It With A Fifth Time Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 17 yrs ago to remove a bump which went well. 10 yrs ago, I had surgery to reduce the ball, but it just made it bigger. A second... READ MORE

I've Had Bad Rhinoplasty Twice, Should I Keep Revising?

I've had my nose fixed twice and the tip is still bulbous and is turned slightly to the right. Should I get more surgery? READ MORE

I Have Had 3 Revision Rhinoplastys my Nose Still Looks Droopy and Uneven - And my Breathing is Still Not Good? (photo)

I have had 3 revision rhinoplastys my nose still looks droopy and uneven.The problem is the skin in my tip is thin and gets red and blue at times... READ MORE

3rd Surgery for Nose Implant, What to Do?

In 2009 i had my first surgery. They've placed a nose implant but afterwards you could clearly see the tip. It was to large so in 2010 I had a... READ MORE

Healing After 6 Rhinoplasties

Should i expect my nose to take longer to heal as i have had so many rhinoplasties? i have read that the more you have had, the slower is the healing... READ MORE

Shell I Risk 4th Rhinoplasty/revision? (photo)

I had two rhinoplasties few years ago and was perfectly happy after second one. Since had breathing problem, decided to have medical surgery a year... READ MORE

4 Rhino Procedures Later- My Nostrils Continue To Collapse. Can This Be Fixed? (photo)

I´ve had 4 rhinoplasties, not all of them for correcting aesthetic matters (just 2 of them) the other 2 were bone fractures which required bone... READ MORE

Dented Nose Bridge, Deformed Side Profile and Bottom Bigger then Top After Third Surgery, What Now?

I've gone through my third nose job and don't know what to do at this point I have no idea if my PS is doing things wrong or not. Basically... READ MORE

Can I Have 3 Rhinoplasty, Considering That the 2nd One Include Osteotomies? (photo)

Hi, i've 2 rhinoplasty till now..the 1st one doesn't include osteotomies ,and after 2 years i have my second rhinoplasty that include... READ MORE

How Did my Nostrils Become So Big? I've Had 2 Surgeries.

My nostrils were so small I could not fit my pinky in my nose now that is all you see is these extremely large nostrils. What happened? How can I get... READ MORE

Swelling After 6 Rhinoplasties

Hello, ive had five rhinoplasties. sounds like a lot, which it is, but i had a surgeon botch my nose three times and it took a good surgeon two goes... READ MORE

Is There Any Hope Left for my Nose? (photo)

I originally had my first revision just to fix a collapsed nostril, and from there each surgery made my nose worse and worse. I had my 4th rhinoplasty... READ MORE

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