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Big, Rounded, and Drooping Tip After Revision Rhinoplasty

I had a Rhinoplasty about a year and 6 months ago, and was very unhappywith the tip. 6 months ago, I had a revision Rhinoplasty done and was very... READ MORE

Greenstick Fracture. Revision Rhino 1 Year Ago and the Bones On My Nose Drift To The Right Every Hour?

A year and a month ago I had a revisionary rhinoplasty to correct scooped dorsum. The first rhinoplasty the doctor did osteotomy on one side of my... READ MORE

Post-op Scare - Need Advice & Opinion Please (7 Weeks Post-op)

Hello, I am very concerned about the health and healing of my nose and would appreciate expert advice please? I'm 7 weeks post-op; this was a... READ MORE

Can a Crooked Nose from Another Bad Rhinoplasty Be Fixed?

My surgeon added implant on my 2nd rhinoplasty. Months later it has extruded from its place. On my 2nd rhinoplasty (revision), he shaved off my bone... READ MORE

Can septal extension graft (rib) be removed after revision rhinoplasty?

Can a septal extension graft be removed and nasal length restored to pre revision length? I don't like the aesthetic outcome and I can't move my nose... READ MORE

Who do I go to for a revision Rhinoplasty? I am not happy with my results after three years. (photos)

The Dr. had said that it would take a little over two years for the swelling to go down because I had a lot of cartilage. I told him that the tip felt... READ MORE

Columella strut revision?

I did not get many opinions last time I asked.I have a columella strut graft that is really uncomfortable. it goes past my actual columella and is in... READ MORE

Horizontal crease when I smile, will a revision rhinoplasty help with it? (photos)

I want a revision rhinoplasty because my bridge is way too low after rhinoplasty. Can a revision help with this line as well? My lip moves just like... READ MORE

After the bone sets, can it only be moved due to trauma?

I had rhinoplastry for the second time a bit more than two weeks ago. Just curious to know that after the bone sets can it only be moved if hitten... READ MORE

Will grafts put at the base of the nose affect the mouth? Position and movement?

I very recently had a revision where grafts were used to replace my nasal spine. However it seems the opposite effect of what I wanted is happening.... READ MORE

Will tip drop again? (photo)

I just had a revision rhinoplasty done 12 days ago. I remember my surgeon telling me my nose will drop a little. Its day 12 and my nose is straight... READ MORE

Septal extension graft - nose and lip movement

Hello doctors, i had a bad rhinoplasty and am planning to get a revision. My nose was shortened. I am seeking information about a septal extension... READ MORE

Lightly taping my nose after revision rhinoplasty?

I have revision rhinoplasty 1.5 weeks ago. I had facial trauma & this was my 2nd revision rhinoplasty. After the 1st surgery the graft collapsed... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty due to infection and movement - Can rib graft be used during the same surgery?

Spreader grafts (cartilage) have protruded & the dorsum Goretex implant may have had an infection.ive seen 2 surgeons & both agree implants need to be... READ MORE

Why did my rhinoplasty silicone implant push upwards?

I recently got my revision nose job after the first time using gore-tex and this time I decided to use silicone. The result was amazing but after 2... READ MORE

2 years ago: reshaped nose and cleared my airways: told they did this from the inside, also placed a fake tip. (photo)

I have had what feels like constant pressure and headaches for over 5 months now And told I have signs of infection in a CT on left side of head, now... READ MORE

Anatomical question

Doctors as mentioned before I have a problematic columella strut. When I move my lips the strut makes a clicking sound and I feel this mass sticking... READ MORE

What happened to my graft? (Photo)

It seems that my graft moved, corrreto?(on lay graft) READ MORE

1 year post op, Can these grafts be removed, and will my nose once again regain it's movement?

I have now reached one year after my revision and I hate these grafts. My nose is really stiff and rock hard, and it's driving me crazy. Can these... READ MORE

Is it possible for tip grafts to move?

Hello, I had revision rhinoplasty a week ago. Amongst other things I had a septum graft added to the tip of my nose to make it more refined, pointier... READ MORE

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