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Can I Get My Old Projected Nose Back After Revision Rhinoplasties? (photo)

Hi 5 yrs ago i had a bad rhinoplasty. i went to another doctor and i had several revisions. i have had two lots of medpor, a rib columella strut,... READ MORE

Are There Complications in Adding Extra Medpor Material to Nose Tip?

Dear Doctors, I was wondering if there are complications or problems with doing a revision tip rhinoplasty using extra medpor material even if you... READ MORE

Who is the Leading Surgeon and Who Has Had the Best Sucess at Removing Medpor Nasal Implants and Rebuilding the Nose?

15 years ago found out AFTER surgery a Medpor implant inserted. I had a thin nose and a small hump that I wanted removed. After 6 months to a year of... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty- Open Rhinoplasty with rib cartligde to augment my tip.

I may have asked this before. but i have had several augmentation rhinoplasty procedures. atm i have a medpor shell implant. and a strut taken form... READ MORE

How Soon Can Medpor Be Removed After Open Nose Rhino Revision Surgery?

My mid-twenties daughter received a medpor tip-top graft (topped with ear cartilage, we thought ear cartilage only) without our knowledge about a... READ MORE

Medpor for Revision Rhinoplasty?

I need to have a second revision surgery for valve collapse and my surgeon wants to use medpor to fix my breathing as I don't have any ear or septum... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - my doctor is against rib on the bridge cos of warping.

After having a medpor implant placed after unsuccessful septal grafts im happy but i realised that i really want to make the top of my nose bridge... READ MORE

I had a Rhinoplasty which involved augmentation as a previous doctor "took too much out" in the first surgery.

Hi i had a rhinoplasty which involved augmentation as a previous doctor "took too much out" in the first surgery. my goal is to make the nose as long... READ MORE

Revision 6 Weeks After Open Rhinoplasty, How Soon Until I Can Have Medpor Implant Fixed? (photo)

I had my nostril tip work, bridge width narrowed,& a Medpor implant. There has been a bump on my nose since the splint was removed. My doctor just... READ MORE

How Hard is it to Remove or Adjust a Medpor to Allor for Augmentation of Nose?

Hi i would like to know what exactly is the limit to augmenting the nose top to tip?. i had a bad rhino yrs ago and flattened my ethnic nose alot. so... READ MORE

Medpor removal and replacement from nose after 15 years?

Surgeons specializing in removal/replacement of medpore? I'm asian and had an L shape medpore implant placed 15 years ago to increase bridge height.... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty with Medpor and Conchal Implant--was the Medpor a Mistake?

I foolishly agreed to elevate a tip when my doctor suggested it at the last minute before surgery for a bulbous tip & regretted it immediately. I... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Do a Revision Tip Rhinoplasty Even with a Medpor Implant Inside Your Nose from a Previous Surgery?

Will a medpor implant from a previous rhinoplasty at the tip interfere or cause complications in a revision rhinoplasty especially for tip... READ MORE

What Should I Use During Revision Rhinoplasty, Cartilage or Medpor?

I have recently spoken to my doctor and we have decided to add another layer of medpor on my ethnic nose to give me more projection instead of ear... READ MORE

When Can I De-rotate my Tip After a Medpor Implant and Open Revision Rhino? I Now Have a Doubly Bulbous Thick Indian Nose.

I am at 3 weeks post op after having my nose angled up 3 mm w/ Medporpore-tex/ear cartilage & regret it. I want my tip back in the place it was;... READ MORE

Revision Rhino. Does Medpor Cause Unusual Shape?

I was wondering regardless of your opinion on implants i wanted to know if medpor implants on the nose cause an unusual shape? i feel like the bridge... READ MORE

Removal of Medpor Implant from Nose?

Is it possible to remove a Medpor implant that was inserted to correct valve collapse but has instead caused further breathing problems? If so, how... READ MORE

Does swelling time increase w/ each rhinoplasty? I am having prolonged swelling/scar tissue formation & I worry it's the Medpor.

I had a trimmed Medpor implant put in my nose for open/revision rhino. The nose looked horrible for four weeks, finally started to reveal itself at 5,... READ MORE

Had a Horrible Medpor Impant Put in That Has Seemingly Bifurcated my Nose into 2 Noses Ten Days Ago. Steroid Shots?

It was put in during a revision (open) rhino. I fear it will be this swollen now as it is in three days. The tip was angled unnaturally high and I... READ MORE

Diced cartilage or fascia in an ethnic Revision Rhinoplasty? What's the difference? What are the drawbacks of one or the other?

I had a rev. rhinoplasty 1 yr ago w/a medpor tip-top graft but need a revision due to injury. (No pus or extrusion.) Previous surgeon narrowed/refined... READ MORE

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