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Callous on Nose After Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I am 6 weeks post revision rhinoplasty and I seem to have developed a round hard lump on the side of the bridge of my nose? Please could you let... READ MORE

Supratip Swelling After Revision Rhinoplasty, Should I Massage? (photo)

I had revision Rhinoplasty 13 days ago, to address a Supratip deformity (Pollybeak) issue. My surgeon also advised he reduces the bridge more and... READ MORE

Did I Damage my Nose by Massaging It Post Rhinoplasty?

I had a closed revision rhinoplasty two weeks ago. I began lightly massaging it after a week and a half when I got the cast off. I have since learned... READ MORE

When is the Latest That Scar Tissue Can Develop After a Rhinoplasty?

I had a revision nearly 6 months ago to remove scar tissue that developed after my primary rhinoplasty. So far no scar tissue has developed, possibly... READ MORE

Crooked Nose After Rhinoplasty and Revision? (photo)

Had rhinoplasty and then revision to correct the fact that the nose was pulling up on one side over time. Doctor said it is due to scar tissue and... READ MORE

Pulling on retracted collumela. Should I follow instruction from my surgeon, 4 months post revision? (Photo)

I had my revision 4 months ago . At my last appt surgeon told me that my collumella is retracting and to pull on it to push it down many times a day .... READ MORE

Is it possible massaging bump on nose bridge will help it get smaller?

I'm 7 months post op revision rhinoplasty . I've had this bump on my nose bridge since cast removal. It's only visible in certain lighting and I feel... READ MORE

4 weeks post op rev rhino. Nose is so crooked! Dr says it's swelling & to massage it.Does this look like normal swelling?(photo)

All he did was rasp the sides of nose to make it more narrow and rasp/scoop the nose. I'm trying to be patient but am worried I'm going to need a... READ MORE

Will I be left with a bulging lump of cartilage on one side of my tip? What is the best way to rectify the issue? (photo)

Tip-plasty. After revision rhinoplasty I was left with a visible depression on one side. This becomes less visible when my skin is tight. The... READ MORE

How important are massages after revision rhinoplasty?

I had revision rhinoplasty performed 7 months ago and I would still like some more definition in the tip area of my nose. It still feels stiff and... READ MORE

After massaging nose post revision rhinoplasty, nose looks bigger and more swollen?

At my appointment today my ps instructed me to gently massage my nasal tip to try and correct unevenness forming on it. I am 2 1/2 weeks post revision... READ MORE

Tiny bump starting to show 4 weeks post op. (For revision). Could massage help? What is the technique? (Photo)

Overall, I am happy with how my nose looks after my revision (for bumpy cartilage that formed after primary). But I am a little concerned by this tiny... READ MORE

I want to know if it is necessary to massage my nose after rhino so the swelling goes down? (Photo)

Hello has been 20 days since i had revision surgeon says that it is very necessary to put pressureon the swollen area so the swell... READ MORE

Any suggestions to bone sticking out one side? (photos)

Hi I had revision rhinoplasty over a year ago and overall am very happy with results. However, one side has a bump of what I am sure is cartilage... READ MORE

After a revision rhinoplasty in Jan 2016 I have large external lumps. What are they from and how do I help heal them? (Photo)

I have been massaging everyday with no improvement. Wedding is in 4 weeks so would really like to improve issue before then. The lumps are more... READ MORE

Massage for swelling reduction after rasping.I wonder what any of you thought of swelling time scale & if massaging is effective

It was recommended that massaging the bridge of my nose after i had rasping done to correct a residual boney bump. After the procedure in March i had... READ MORE

Had rhi-septo over a month ago.Dr has done a great job with hump-its gone, but as a consequence, the tip is rotated up too much?

I look good from the side but worse from the front. Is there anything that can be done without a full procedure that could help it go down? My Dr.... READ MORE

Is this a normal looking columella scar? (photos)

I had revision rhinoplasty 14 months ago. I took good care of my columella incision. I've tried mederma, scar fade and new gel plus e. I've massaged... READ MORE

Massage Technique to Help W/nasal Tip Edema That Raises Bulbous Rotated Tip Up Even More?

I had a tip debulking & agreed minutes before surgery to raise my tip, not knowing how it would look front. I now deeply regret this... READ MORE

Best Massage Technique for a Swollen, Rigid Tip 1 Month Post-op to Make It Go Lower & Decrease Pressure, Edema, and Pain?

Thick-skinned non smoker/drinker;had open revision rhino 32 days ago w/ a trimmed Medpor porex tip top graft, (doctor didn't tell me about the... READ MORE

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