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Fascia Grafts for 3rd Revision Rhinoplasty: is This Safe? Will It Last? What Are the Downsides?

Hello, I've had two bad rhinoplasties, with the last one leaving my nose completely deformed. :( I've visited three top doctors in my country, and... READ MORE

What is the healing time for alar base reduction?

I hAd my revision rhinoplasty 3months ago where my tip was refined. With this being a revision I've had a lot swelling. dr says that when I go in 3... READ MORE

How long does it take after a revision to determine if you like your new nose?

Hi, I see that some people on the web site like there nose soon after surgery, it has been 5 months and I don't like my nose. Do you think it's just... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty- inverted v deformity. Does it last forever?

Does a revision rhinoplasty for the inverted v deformity last forever? Or will the spreader grafts change over time and collapse again? Thanks! READ MORE

How long does it take a surgeon to estimate a revision rhinoplasty? (photos)

I am considering undergoing another procedure because of the results of a reconstructive rhinoplasty (see pics above for details). However, my surgeon... READ MORE

Is 3 1/2 hours enough time for a complicated revision nose job and mini face lift?

Hi, I was wondering if you think 3 1/2 hours is enough time in surgery to do a complicated revision nose job and a mini face lift? I have heard that... READ MORE

At what point post op can the shape of the nose be determined? Is two weeks long enough to determine if it is centered or not?

2 wks post revision rhino: surgery was performed by a top facial plastic surgeon in Bham Al. It took him 7.5 hrs to completely reconstruct my nose w... READ MORE

How soon can I get revision after an open rhinoplasty?

I had an open (revision) rhinoplasty around 5 months ago only to improve the tip, because my first surgery went badly with the Dorsum area (which was... READ MORE

How long should a typical Rhinoplasty Revision take? I'm seeing on here some people are under for up to 7 hours? (photos)

Is 5-7 hours typical for a revision rhinoplasty? How dangerous is it to be under general anesthesia for that long? READ MORE

Best Grafting Material to restore Radix Height?

My surgeon hacked off my Radix without my consent. I am interested in finding ways to augment the Radix, permanently. Is it best to use Split... READ MORE

6 months after rhinoplasty I asked for a revision, my doctor injected my nose with some acid and it looks great, does it last?

I was unhappy with a bump after rhinoplasty and asked my surgeon for a revision,he injected my nose with this acid stuff which he said creates a... READ MORE

Permanent sutures longevity without problems?

I am worried about my permanent sutures becoming loose and giving me problems later on in life. I am at my 1 year post op revision. I asked many... READ MORE

What do you think my doctor meant by the results might not be permanent?

In a few days I will be having a rhinoplasty revision procedure where my columella will be tucked up and a small bump left from a previous surgery... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Revision - can I have filler dissolved with injectable beforehand, or wait for it to dissolve on its own?

I plan on having the injector of my nose dissolve the juvederm prior to the revision. How long before should I do this? Or should I wait fir it to... READ MORE

How much time and care do you take with a patient PRE-Surgery? Specifically in Revision Rhinoplasty?

I'm the type of person who has to take ALL variables into account. I feel like If I could speak with surgeon(s) free of charge all day and and all... READ MORE

Any suggestions for my nose implants?

Hei i need help i have nose implant last 2012 and now its comes out What should i do if i want to remove and got a new implants HoW long it takes READ MORE

How long does it take until the biggest risks are gone after a Rhinoplasty?

Dear all, I had a revision rhino 3 weeks ago. When they took out the cast I almost fainted of horror. Luckily, now 3 weeks post-op I a much more happy... READ MORE

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