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What Are the Long-term Effects of Having Multiple Rhinoplasties?

I've had primary and secondary rhinoplasty done. And I was wondering if it could possibly give me any problems in the future...Say 10 or 20 years.... READ MORE

How much of a dorsal hump can be restored with revision rhinoplasty?

Too much of my dorsum was taken off during my primary septorhinoplasty. This has left me with a slightly concave dorsum, which in my own view is less... READ MORE

What is the Success Rate of the Use of Spreader Grafts in Secondary Rhinoplasty?

What is the success rate of the use of spreader grafts in secondary rhinoplasty? What’s their long term success rate? What’s their reabsorption rat... READ MORE

Costal Cartilage Graft Overtime?

I have been considering revision rhinoplasty with autologous costal cartilage but am apprehensive. If you have a rib graft (let's say at 25 years old)... READ MORE

Long term durability of rib grafts for revision rhinoplasty?

How durable is an autogenous dorsal rib graft for an overresected nose, once healing is complete? If, for example, you get elbowed in the face playing... READ MORE

Restore Dorsal Hump?

I recently had a septorhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum and crooked nose. My dorsal hump was softened to a great degree that my appearance has... READ MORE

How do Rib Cartilage grafts perform longterm?

I need rib cartilage grafting. Are they like a living tissue after grafting? Can they die, rot and decay? After healing completely, is there still any... READ MORE

What are risks associated with repairing recession of left bone created by loss of nasal bone with free-dive cartridge? (Photo)

I recently underwent my 3rd revision rhinoplasty. During the 2nd revision surgery nasal bone was shaved on the left side and this resulted in a... READ MORE

Nose job: irradiated cartilage graft safe?

Dear doctors what are the long term results/effects in literature and in your practice when it comes to (cadaver) irradiated cartilage grafts in... READ MORE

My nose got bigger after Revision Rhinoplasty. Any suggestions?

Hi i had a Revision Rhinoplasty 2 months ago in the first month i was really happy with the result my nose was small and the shape was very good but... READ MORE

Considering Pro's/cons of Immediate Removal of Surprise Medpor Tip Implant in Healthy Part-Asian Thick-skinned Daughter Week 5?

Thanks to all PS responders, one in area we made appointment with for consult. Three more top consults lined up as well next 7 days. The swelling is... READ MORE

Long-term studies cartilage transplants/artificial implants?

What I have learned so far it would be best to use autologous cartilage grafts for revision rhinoplasty. Are there any long term studies? Or do you... READ MORE

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