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Pulling Down Upper Lip Causes Nose Tip to Plunge?

Will constant , unconscious pulling down of the upper lip during the immediate to early post-op period of revision rhinoplasty( implant + tip... READ MORE

Post Revision Rhinoplasty: Hurts when I Pull Down Upper Lip

Hi during my immmediate post-op revision rhino with tip graft(septal+ear cartilage), it was uncomfortable and also hurt sometimes when i unconsciously... READ MORE

Will a Revision Rhinoplasty Return me to my Natural Look? Do I Need an Upper Lip Lift or to Have Lip Fillers Removed? (Photos)

I had two rhinoplasty,I do not like the fake pointy look and the hanging columella who became after my nose surgery, plus I had lip fillers... READ MORE

Kenalog Ointment After Rhinoplasty Ok For Nose? Prescribed For Dry Lips.

I have some ointment which contains kenalog which was given to me by a doctor to treat dry lips. Can I apply this ointment to my nose to improve... READ MORE

How would you fix this collapsed v inverted nose deformity, wide nostrils, and my smile line with bottom teeth showing? (photo)

Two issues: I received rhinoplasty in June and need to go back in oct to fix a central nose collapse v deformity. I think he needs to touch up tip and... READ MORE

I'm 38. I'm considering having my hanging columella repaired and also a chin implant. I've had two rhinoplasties.

What procedures would help to improve my appearance? If I had my columella pushed up would the rims or nostrils be too high? Also, do you think I... READ MORE

Tip revision and possibly lip lift? (Photo)

Dear doctors: I'm 43 and had a rhinoplasty two years ago to remove a hump. While I'm quite happy with the bridge now, the tip now seems out of... READ MORE

Nose is lopsided/deformed with hanging columella, can a tip rhinoplasty fix my nose or would I need a full revision? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty back in 98 and I have never been very happy with it. The older I get the worse it looks and I feel like I look like a witch when I... READ MORE

6 months post septo/rhinoplasty bad results. Revision help needed.

I went for my bump to be removed & ended up with multiple issues that weren't there to begin with. My front appearance is what I loved the most... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty, extending nose/shortening lip? Rebuilding dorsum

My nose was deprojected way too much resulting in extremely flared nostrils & flat appearance from the front as if someone has smashed the tip of... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty and lip lift? (Photo)

In 2012 I had a septoplasty and a rhinoplasty. I ended up having a very crooked columella and uneven nostrils. About a year later I had a revision to... READ MORE

Looking for recommendations on a revision rhinoplasty. (photos)

I had my original rhinoplasty done 7 years ago along with a lip lift. My concerns are: 1 - My alar crease/cheek area pulls unnaturally, most... READ MORE

18 days post op Revision Rhinoplasty, my lips look smaller. Is this normal?

I am 18 days post op revision rhinoplasty. I had a small ear cartilage graft placed in my columella. My lips look smaller now (less fuller). I dont... READ MORE

Cleft rhinoplasty revision and lip revision (Photo)

I want a cleft rhinoplasty revision and lip revision. I want more tip projection, narrowed bridge, and notril symmetry. my septum was removed... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty 6 months, do I need a revision? (Photos)

Its been 6 1/2 months after rhinoplasty but nose looks still long and big and it dropped also. Do i need a revision to fix these issues or is there... READ MORE

Philtrum is much longer after rhinoplasty revision to correct the gap between nose tip and lip

I had a bulbous nose tip. Dr performed a modified Goldman technique.Lost projection in my nose tip/tip too close to my face has caused my philltrum... READ MORE

Horizontal crease when I smile, will a revision rhinoplasty help with it? (photos)

I want a revision rhinoplasty because my bridge is way too low after rhinoplasty. Can a revision help with this line as well? My lip moves just like... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and nose-to-lip distance (Photo)

Dear RL Doctors, I am going to undergo a revision tip-plasty since my nasal tip is somewhat bulbous. Additionally, my nose-to-lip distance is on the... READ MORE

Need a 3rd Rhinoplasty and lip lift revision after botched Facial Feminization Surgery overseas! Any suggestions? (photo)

Three months ago I had FFS in Europe that involved a 2nd rhinoplasty (reduction) and lip lift. The doc made a curve but did not shorten the height of... READ MORE

I had a nose job 10 yrs ago & am unhappy with the tip. I am also interested to see if I am a candidate for a lip lift? (photo)

My nose looks very wide when I smile and would really like a smaller tip. I also had artefill put in my lips approximately 3 years ago. I can still... READ MORE

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