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What Kind of Revision Surgery is Available to Lengthen the Nose?

Though I asked the surgeon to keep the shape of the right side of my nose, (to remove a bulge from collapsed cartilage and make the two sides match),... READ MORE

My Nose is Too Short Can It Be Made Longer?

I had a rhinoplasty and my nose is now too short. It looks so horrible and unnatural. It has been 8 months already and still too short and horrible.... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty - Lengthened and Less Nostril Show

I recently had rhinoplasty and am very unhappy with the results.My surgeon said he would do it again but i worry he could end up messing it up more.... READ MORE

2 Months Post-Op Rhinoplasty - Nose is Now Crooked and Longer Than Before

With hanging columella.My surgeon said its swelling and scar tissue because it's a revision,but x rays and new doctor showed hump on left bridge... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Get a Revision with a Short Nose? (photo)

I had my primary closed rhinoplasty May 22, 2012. I request dorsal hump removal & was talked into having minor tip refinement because my P.S. said... READ MORE

Can my Nose Be Fixed to Be Made Longer and Fuller/More Defined After a Bad Rhino Revision?

I had Rhinoplasty about 7years ago and ended up with a curve at the tip of my nose. I just had a revision 4 mos ago and my nose now looks so much... READ MORE

Can the Skin on my Nose Stretch To Withhold a Revision To Lengthen Nose?

My nose was made so short and I really dislike it. I want my nose lengthened and want my non bulbous nose back. My doctor will use rib cartilage and... READ MORE

Wanting to Reverse Rhinoplasty or Get an Improved Version of Old Nose? (photo)

I would like to reverse my rhinoplasty by derotating (lenghthening my nose) and building up the bridge rib graft have it be as slim as it was before... READ MORE

How Did I Go from a Strong Nose to a Weak Nose? Can It Be Revised?

I had a long, elegant nose and I was just wanting it to be a bit slimmer. I had rhinoplasty and ended up with a short, piggish, stubby, bulbous nose.... READ MORE

Tip Lengthening

How much longer can a surgeon realistically lengthen your tip in a revision rhino READ MORE

Lateral Crura Overlay? Can My Revision Be Reversed?

I had a revision rhino to correct an inverted v. Before surgery. I was specific in telling my doctor that i'd like to maintain the other features of... READ MORE

Are Spreader Grafts Compatible with a Supratip Break For Revision Rhinoplasty?

I am 14 months post-op and researching a revision rhinoplasty. I would like my shortened tip fixed. I spoke to a doctor who often uses spreader grafts... READ MORE

Can Lenghtening and Dorsal Augmentation Be Done for a Short Nose with One Graft? and How the Recovery Would Be?

I had a rinoseptoplasty done 7 weeks ago the functional part is fine but I'm not happy with the sthetic result, my nose is too short and my bridge... READ MORE

Will the Nose Look Longer if the Tip is De Projected?

I had a rhinoplasty done 8 months ago. My nose looks shorter and my left nostril is retracted. My doctor suggested to de project the tip. I was... READ MORE

Nose Short & Wide with Nostrils Showing, Can Tip Be Dropped or Septum Lengthened? (photo)

3 months ago i had a closed Rhinoplasty. It looks like he raised the radix, blunted the tip & did Osteotomies. He said he also lifted the tip as... READ MORE

Can this nose be fixed? (Photo)

I need a seriously talented surgeon to do my third and hopefully final rhinoplasty. I need a grand slam and I will travel anywhere if I can find a... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty to Lengthen Nose with Either Ear or Rib Cartilage?

Hi I am considering revision rhinoplasty to lengthen an overly shortened nose. My concerns are whether in the experience of the Doctor's on Realself... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty - Can Doctor Return Tip to Original Length?

I'm getting a revision soon and just had a few questions. A bump came back so im getting that filed down and then the rest of the bridge filed... READ MORE

To What Extent Can You Lengthen the Nose?

My nose was much longer before my primary rhinoplasty and i would like to reclaim that appearance, however is there an extent to which you can safely... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Achieve This Result Through Cartilage Grafts?

Hello, I had rhinoplasty to remove a hump and to reduce the size of and elevate the tip. I am unhappy with how small and upturned my nose tip now... READ MORE

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