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Filler Injections for Uneven Nostrils? (photo)

I recently had a revision rhinoplasty and I heard they can use permanent injections for ''touch ups.'' I was wondering, when can I go and ask for a... READ MORE

Can I Have my Nose Cartilage Graft Bump Reshaped with Injections?

I have a wierd shape at the top of my bridge. which was built by rib cartilage.and i wanted that bump removed but the surgeon said it might require... READ MORE

callus/bump on bridge removal with steroids causes nose tip to be pulled up?

Hello   i had revision rhinoplasty a month ago for septoplasty and alar retraction. I had an open procedure. Although not much was done to my... READ MORE

Kenalog likely need revision. Is it risky if I still have dents/indentations from previous injections in my rhino? (photo)

Considering revision to correct supra tip. Last kenalog injection of 40 mg by irresponsible surgeon left me with permanent dents even after 10 yrs... READ MORE

Polybeak deformity? What to do? (Photos)

I had closed rhinoplasty 1yr 6 months ago. I also had a breast augmentation 4yrs ago and from this I realised that I do not scar/heal very well and... READ MORE

I had steroid injections after revision rhinoplasty. Are the effects of steroid injections temporary?

I just got my cast removed at 2 weeks post op (revision rhinoplasty with ear cartilage used in the tip). Once the cast was removed, my tip was really... READ MORE

Can diced scalp fascia be used as an injectable filler in Revision Rhinoplasty?

I am getting a revision rhinoplasty to correct some minor contour issues on my nasal bridge and tip. My surgeon is wanting to use diced scalp fascia... READ MORE

Unhappy with my nose, 3 years post-op. Doctor won't tell me what he did wrong, how do I fix this and what do I do now? (Photos)

I had my rhino 3 years ago for my bulbous tip and no bridge. Afterwards, I saw that he barely touched my bridge and my tip was very crooked. I came... READ MORE

Polly beak 1 year after rhino septo? (Photos)

Hello, it has been a year after my rhino septo and I still have this pollybeack formed at the tip of my nose . should I consider steroid injections ?... READ MORE

Scar tissue and Kenalog injections. Does this mean that I may need a revision ?

It has been 10 months since my Rhinoplasty and I have a lump on the side of my nose. I have had 3 Kenalog injections which have helped some but not... READ MORE

Injectable cartilage shaving to correct surface irregularities caused by revision rhinoplasty?

I have recently been reading that surgeons in Turkey and Iran have used injectable cartilage shaving to correct surface irregularities caused by... READ MORE

I'm told my nose is difficult...I've had septoplasty/rhinoplasty 2 times . Any suggestions? (photos)

From looking at this it possible to have that nice Barbie doll nose....?? So smaller and straighter.. I recently tried the injections and... READ MORE

Post-Rhinoplasty swelling on nose tip after 2 years, want to learn more about steroid injections. (photos)

I had my first rhinoplasty four years ago. Then about two years ago me and my doctor decided there was still fatty tissue that needed to be taken care... READ MORE

Should I do a 3rd revision rhinoplasty? Original surgery 10 years ago. (Photo)

Seven years later, I went back and told him I was not happy. He said because I was older and had lost volume in my face, my nose was too big for it,... READ MORE

20 months post op rhinoplasty as you can see my nose is crooked after rhinoplasty. (photo)

Is there something I can do to avoid revision? I can't take another surgical procedure to do revision what do you recommend?will injections help?i... READ MORE

6 months after rhinoplasty I asked for a revision, my doctor injected my nose with some acid and it looks great, does it last?

I was unhappy with a bump after rhinoplasty and asked my surgeon for a revision,he injected my nose with this acid stuff which he said creates a... READ MORE

Can getting injections in the nose complicate a future revision?

I've been getting injections to fill in a big dent in my nose. I know I'm getting a revision. I've heard that getting these injections can complicate... READ MORE

Would a steroid injection help this asymmetry? (photos)

The attached photo shows the results of a revision rhinoplasty. The original open surgery was to reduce a large round nose and remove a bump. My... READ MORE

Does anybody know the Korean Scaffolder ® technique? Is it safe? How does it function?

Does anybody know the Korean Scaffolder ® technique? Is it safe? How does it function? What is injected exactly? For what can it be used and could it ... READ MORE

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