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Can Swelling of the Columella and Tip Cause a Tip to Look More Upturned?

I'm 10 days post opp from a open rhynoplasty .. and it was a revision.... it does not look upturned from the side at all.. just straight.. I just... READ MORE

Bad Open Rhinoplasty Revision

1 month ago I had revision done(2xopen rhinoplasty). My problems were not resolved. I have 2 clearly visible incision underneath, AND something I can... READ MORE

Incision Hole/ Scab Present After Alar Reduction As if a Stitch Didn't Work?

I had a revision rhinoplasty including alar reduction. I am 10 days post op and very happy with the results so far. However I was cleaning the area... READ MORE

Solution to botched nose job? I've developed a hard thickened scar around my tear duct due to mishap (Photos)

Three weeks ago I had a closed rhinoplasty at UCLA Medical Clinic. I reiterated to my doctors that I am prone to hypertrophic scarring and that I was... READ MORE

What can I do to minimize or fade the discoloration of the nose and the surrounding incision area? (Photo)

This was due to a revision rhinoplasty. there was no issue on the discoloration on the first, but this time there was an issue. My doc told me that it... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a closed rhinoplasty revision to rebuild my infratip lobule angle and columella please?

My primary septo/rhino was via closed incisions. My surgeon used my septal cartilage for my spreader grafts. He has not cut my caudal septum, 6mm is... READ MORE

Second rhinoplasty? (photos)

Hello I had rhinoplasty about 1 year and six months ago. About 4 months after my rhinoplasty I noticed that I had an indent on the right side of my... READ MORE

Can all types of nose sutures be removed with a revision rhinoplasty later? I don't like the defined nose I'm having?

An interdomal stabilizing suture,transdomal suture, and bilateral mattress sutures to straighten the lateral bowing.. All sutures in the nasal tip... READ MORE

Can incision scars be revised in open rhinoplasty?

I had a tip graft and columnellar strut put in during rhinoplasty. My surgeon promised to rotate my tip, then refused. It is now heavy & sagging,... READ MORE

Bump on nose, itchy nostils, and visible incision line after revision! Is the bump just swelling or is it truly still there?

Cast was taken off 5 days ago after a revision. The bump I had on the left side of my nose is STILL there! My surgeon didnt even fix my visible... READ MORE

Why does my nose angle down and still look bigger two years after rhinoplasty? (photos)

Two yrs ago I had open rhinoplasty, I absolutely hate what has been done. I think it is worse than before. I asked for a ski slope nose with a slight... READ MORE

Can sutures inside the nose be removed with a Revision Rhinoplasty later?

Types are: an interdomal stabilizing suturetransdomal suture, and bilateral mattress sutures to straighten the lateral bowing. All sutures in the... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty - are these improvements feasible (alar reduction, reduce nose width?) (Photos)

I'm looking into revision rhinoplasty (it's been over 3 years since my primary - weir incision, ear cartilage graft to narrow the tip ) but not sure... READ MORE

What kind of recovery process can I expect after Revision Rhinoplasty? Initial Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty 9/22/15 (Photos)

My Dr offered to do what he called a "quick" revision to my still crooked nose at no cost. He said he will make an incision and do a controlled break... READ MORE

How soon can I get a revision? (photos)

I have beautiful results. Round, symmetrical, big and full. But they turned out smaller than I expected. I went under the muscle 425 HP. I am hoping... READ MORE

Open procedure is done a second time. Was the incision made over previous incision? Can this increase the chances of scarring?

Minor revision of my secondary RP, my bridge needs small bump removed and some filling. Open procedure may be required because my tip rotation had... READ MORE

How would a 'second rib harvest' work during revision rhinoplasty?

I have already had one revision rhinoplasty with rib harvest (5th rib breast crease). If I need more rib cartilage will it come from the same... READ MORE

Is this a normal looking columella scar? (photos)

I had revision rhinoplasty 14 months ago. I took good care of my columella incision. I've tried mederma, scar fade and new gel plus e. I've massaged... READ MORE

I want rhinoplasty revision. Does the surgeon cut over the same scar/incision?

During a open rhinoplasty revision will the surgeon cut over the same scar/incision cut for the first open rhinoplasty? To minimise the amount of... READ MORE

Bump near incision on columella after 2nd open Rhinoplasty.. Any suggestions? (photos)

I just got rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago and the incision area is so large and bumpy it is ruining the entire look of my nose. I literly cried when I first... READ MORE

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