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What Options do I Have When Removing a Nose Implant?

I am planning on undergoing a revision this summer that involves removing my first implant, which is silicone, amongst other things. I know that... READ MORE

Is This Synechium Scar Tissue After Revision? Does It Cause Swelling? (photo)

1st surgery was in Oct 2008. I had a silicone L-shaped implant inserted. I first noticed this weird nostril-blocking fleshy-thing sometime after the... READ MORE

Nose Bridge Too Soft and No Definition After Revision?

Hi, I had a silicone nose implant in for 2 years taken out on November 29, 2010 because it shifted to the right & was a little too "big"... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with Cheek Implants?

Hi, I am considering cheek implants and revision rhinoplasty using general anesthesia. What should I expect post op? Is there a lot of pain and... READ MORE

Pulling Down Upper Lip Causes Nose Tip to Plunge?

Will constant , unconscious pulling down of the upper lip during the immediate to early post-op period of revision rhinoplasty( implant + tip... READ MORE

Large Nose Disproportionate to Face? (photo)

2 years ago I decided to have a rhinoplasty. The doctor explained that my nose a typical thick asian nose. She offered to thin out what she could and... READ MORE

Waiting 2 Years to Remove Implant from Nose, Have I Waited too Long for Good Results?

I got an implant in my bridge that's too high, made my nose and nostrils crooked. My nostrils I think were just emphasized by the implant, but I... READ MORE

Nose Tip Too Narrow and Uneven and Bone Bump Grew Back. What Can I Do?

Over 10 years ago i go my bump filed down from bridge of nose. I woke up and the dr mentioned he narrowed the tip and put plastic things I'n tip... READ MORE

What needs to be done to correct the rhinoplasty job? My bridge looks unnaturally high and my eyes are close together. (Photo)

Had rhinoplasty performed using gore-tex to raise my bridge, ear cartilage for tip and alarplasty. It is 7d post op and my bridge looks unnaturally... READ MORE

Tip implant visible after rhinoplasty. Is this likely to become more prominent as the swelling decreases? (Photo)

I had a revision rhinoplasty a few weeks ago. I can see a circular outline where cartilage material was used in the tip. The left & right edges of the... READ MORE

Can An Infected Nose Implant Be Removed and Replaced? Is There High Risk For Recurring Infection?

Once an infected nose implant is removed can it be replaced with a new implant when the infection is completely cleared or my body is rejecting the... READ MORE

Will my nose look deformed if I have my Goretex implant removed?

I am curious what the nose will look like if the goretex used as bridge augmentation was removed from my nose. I know it wont look like my old nose... READ MORE

Is restylane safe to hide edges of gore-tex implant? Will I have complications with fillers after revision? (Photo)

I am Asian with thin skin & bulbous tip. I had gore-tex implant placed on bridge & septal cartilage on tip 2 months ago (doctor suggested gore-tex).... READ MORE

Short Upturned Nose with Bulbous Tip and Alar, Got L-shaped Implant. Not Happy?

In the middle of surgery (L-shaped implant), the doctor suggested to do alar flattening (so as to not so bulbous). but i didnt approve because i need... READ MORE

Is it too soon to do revision on my nose 1 month after removing the implant, only 4 months after the original rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty done on 12/9/13. Doc used Goretex (bridge) & cartilage (tip). 1 month after, redness appeared on the bridge. I asked Doc about it & he... READ MORE

Had A Nose Implant in 2006, Took it Out in 2011, Got Another in 2012 in Thailand, Realized Implant is Off-Center?

I have nose job in Indonesia on 2006 with L implant silicon and the implant getting out on 2011 and I takeoff the implant because I worry it will be... READ MORE

Is there any body part where cartilage can be harvested in straight shape like i-shape implant? (photo)

I alredy discuss that my nose surgery has not been success and nose has not been straight after surgery while dr used ear cartiage so should i go for... READ MORE

Removing Implant 2 Months Post Rhinoplasty?

Hi doc, Its 2 months past 2 weeks after rhinoplasty and i really still do not like the shape. The doctor reassured me that this is swelling and i... READ MORE

I-shape Silicom Seems to Shift Down, Can It Be Made Shorter and Lower and Put Back to Originial Nose Cavity?

I had my nose done 3 times. The very last time was using I- shape silicon as bridge and ear cartilage plus septal cartilage as strut. It has been... READ MORE

What is the Best Material/combination of Material to Completely Rebuild a Devastated Nose?

Despite my previous attempts to achieve a normal range of symmetry in my nose, I've not been very successful thus far and am therefore considering... READ MORE

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