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Alarplasty Revision Help? (photo)

This was the result of a alarplasty. My dr has tried to recut me and even derm it down, this was what it looks like now. The last revision was 6... READ MORE

Repair Of Hole Inside Nose From Implant Extrusion?

Hello, I had an silicone implant removed 7 months ago due to extrusion on the inside of my nose. The hole has not healed. When I blow my nose air... READ MORE

In real need of an undisputed Revision Rhinoplasty expert.

Three months ago I had a highly regrettable Septo/Rhinoplasty which left me with a short, upturned pig nose AND a Septal Perforation. I am truly... READ MORE

I had surgery in December 2015 to repair a septal perforation. My surgeon told me it was an easy fix. I wish I knew better then!

What worse, he didn't do anything to fix the holes in my nose, several doctors aren't really sure what he did. I am left with 3 perforations, largest... READ MORE

3rd surgery, batten grafts put in due to nasal valve collapse, and hole in my right nostril. What can I do? (Photo)

My nose looks worse now than before this surgery!! There is almost like a hole in my right nostril that will NOT heal, VERY crooked looking from the... READ MORE

Deep scar, nose not straight from ill fitted cast following Rhinoplasty. Fat transfer fill in the hole & treat scar.(photo)

My revision rhinoplasty took place Dec 2015. The cast wasn't secured properly and when removed my nose wasn't straight and a few months later a scar... READ MORE

I've had a large perforated nasal septum for years. Can it be repaired, and what are the pros and cons?

Started several years after deviated septum and rhinoplasty procedure (combined 20 years ago now). Gradually progressed. Recently nose has been very... READ MORE

Can my nose be fixed with filler or would I need to have surgery? (photos)

I had to previous sinus surgeries with septoplasty and now have saddle nose. I do have a hole in my anterior septum. The second to the last photo is... READ MORE

Can my nose be fixed?

I had my nose done many years ago,but now my nose, ear ...dr. Tells me that due to that surgery I have a hole in my nose and my nose could collapse! I... READ MORE

Why is my nose continuing to change and look deformed? (photos)

I have had two sinus surgeries with seotopladty and trrbinoplasty since Jan 2014. I now have a hole in my anterior septum and the shape of my nose... READ MORE

Dangerous to have septal perforation?

For my 2nd revision 2 months ago my dr discovered a black hole. He took out my shifted L implant, replaced with alloderm to bridge and didnt... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty 9 months ago and my nose still looks big. Do I need a revision?

I had 4 previous rhinoplastys. 1 to shave down the bridge and the 2nd to make the tip smaller and reduce the nostrils. The 3rd to fix a hole in my... READ MORE

Repair surgery - I had a hemangioma in my nose removed, then a second surgery to close the hole in my septum. (photo)

I also had rhinoplasty. Now I am having trouble breathing through my nose at night and my nose has gotten wider I would like to have it narrowed and... READ MORE

ENT surgeon will fill a hole in septum with a plastic "button".

Is this an established and proven method? To fit the button, some of the deviated septum needs be removed, and also turbinates will be reduced. The... READ MORE

Uneven nostrils: can I just have the small hole trimmed to match the size of the other nostril? (Photos)

I do have a nose implant. I underwent nose augmentation and alar trimming. Attached are 2 pics. One is from before operation and the other is after.... READ MORE

Big hole inside the nose - can't use implant.

I did ear cartilage to nose bridge and tip in 2013 and did L implant 2014. i went to a dr where he told me i have a big hole inside my nose and i cant... READ MORE

Any suggestions for nose inside concern?

When I put my finger in my nose near the hole and put it to the side toward the wall and push with a little force I feel it is very bony and a little... READ MORE

Follow-up question: I had a rhinoplasty with bad results. How can I fix it? (Photo)

I had a surgery 1 year ago. after 2 weeks i realise that i have a big assymetry nostrils and a strong reduction of cartilage that cause me somthing... READ MORE

Why is the one hole of my nose getting smaller? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty,last nov 16,2014 silicone implant, After a month,i had car accident,i bumped my nose,cause of bruises on my nose,luckily the implant... READ MORE

Uneven nostrils - 10 months post revision rhinoplasty. (photo)

I will be one year out in a March of revision rhinoplasty. I saw my surgeon again today. I asked about my nostril that is sitting higher up and he... READ MORE

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