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Uneven and Bulbous Tip/swelling 7 Months After Revison Rhino

I had revision rhino 13 months after my 1st, as the tip was very bulbous, wide and had hard 'swelling'.Surgeon injected steroids but did not... READ MORE

1 Month After Revision Rhinoplasty, is It the Cartilage That I Am Feeling in the Tip? (photo)

I had revision rhinolasty a month ago and when I touch the tip it is very hard all over, and I dont think it is swelling in the tip because it has a... READ MORE

Closed Rhinoplasty Revision Recommendation, Unhappy With Nose Tip.

(32 Y Female), at 20 had a closed rhino, surgeon shaved down a bump, used left over cartilage to fill out two tiny depressions in the tip; and I... READ MORE

How long to wait to get lip lift after open rhinoplasty revision?

I had a rhinoplasty revision involving grafting. My tip is still hard. But it feels solid. I really want a lip lift ASAP. I am a bit confused by the... READ MORE

Will hard nose tip from tip cartilage graft soften with time?

My initial rhinoplasty procedure involved a septal cartilage graft to my tip and I had open revision rhinoplasty 6 months ago. My nasal tip is still... READ MORE

What do you recommend to get better results regarding bulbous, round nose after second Revision Rhinoplasty?

Was told my tip was "collapsing" & put rib cart. in. This caused tip to be round & big. Steroids were done & didn't work. Another Dr. said too much... READ MORE

Could a revision help me achieve the look of my after photo in my morphs? (Photo)

I have a hard lump on the left side of my nose above my nostril, which doesn't seem to be going away. Could this lump be scar tissue of some kind, it... READ MORE

Can Revision Surgery Get Rid of a Hard Point on Left Side Tip of Nose That Was Not There Before First Rhinoplasty?

My daughter had rhinoplasty to slightly narrow the sides of her nostrils. Ends up with hard point on left side of tip like a big zit! Looks horrible.... READ MORE

Is a Rhinoplasty revision worth it? (photos)

I want to go under a revision rhinoplasty this summer, two years after my first rhinoplasty. My nose is very hard at the tip, is it a scar tissue? Can... READ MORE

5th revision rhinoplasty - nose is hard, numb and very red.

It is 4 weeks since my last surgery,the nose is larger than before,can't see it iis just swelling,the nose is very hard and numb,also very red it... READ MORE

My revision surgery in October of 2014 fixed an inverted v collapse on bridge but my nose looks bigger now. (Photo)

Now my nose is swollen are hard and shaped like a U. When will this swelling go down? Or at least not so hard in my tip? I know it can take up to a... READ MORE

Will I ever have a normal nose again? (photos)

I have had 4 rhinoplasty procedures in 10 years. My nose looks completely unnatural. I cannot breathe out of my left nostril. The tip is very hard,... READ MORE

Terrible rhinoplasty results. Do I have multiple deformities that can only be fixed by a revision? (photos)

I'm just over 2 mths post op and I am unhappy with my result. I appreciate I'm still healing and final results can take up to a year as I have thick... READ MORE

Intermittent swelling? Revision rhinoplasty

Hi. I had my 4th revision10 months ago. There is still some squishiness (sorry about the spelling), crunch and the very tip is still a little hard and... READ MORE

What is wrong with my nose? It looks so weird! (Photo)

Had my revision rhinoplasty 1 year ago. My entire tip and collumela were super hard and nostrils uneven, the doc said that everything there was... READ MORE

Can the nasal tip be derotated under a closed approach please? I have too much nostril show on display.

I had closed septo/rhino 5 months ago. my tip is rock hard stiff. I hope it drops more. If it doesn't, is it possible I could have the tip derotated... READ MORE

My splint is very tight and uncomfortable. Will this splint affect my nose? (Photo)

The tip of my nose feels very hard and looks so swollen and wide. Will this splint affect it? Should I lose not? READ MORE

The tip of my nose is in constant pain. The doctor put a graft on the tip of my nose to make my nose straight. Any suggestions?

Almost immediately after surgery I could tell something was wrong. I was in a lot of discomfort it hurt and I felt there was no circulation in the tip... READ MORE

Please help, I can't live like this anymore: Unidentified bump on my nose after revision rhinoplasty. (photos)

I had revision rhinoplasty in Feb. As the swelling in my tip started to go down, a large, hard bump revealed itself. It sits right above a spot on my... READ MORE

Is my nose slightly twisted or has a c shape deformity or s shaped deformity? (Photo)

It's been nearly 7 weeks since my revision rhinoplasty. On the left upper part of my nose and above my left eye it looks c shaped concave, then there... READ MORE

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