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Step off Deformity? (photo)

The first picture is one week post op. Second picture is 4 weeks post op. Not a lot of change. At times it looks as if it is getting worse. How can... READ MORE

Was Told Just Leave Recent Broken Nose and that it had Fracture from Previous Rhinoplasty 7 Years Prior, Does that Seem Right?

Im a disabled vet & had Rhinoplasty 7 years ago at the Military Hosp.On Mon I fell on my nose it bleed for a hour the ER said the ct scan shows it... READ MORE

I want to correct my crooked nasal bone without occurring a change to it and to the nose as a whole.

What is the best option that I can seek to get more alignment as the mid of nose is deviated and the nasal bones due to 2 fractures. I had a closed... READ MORE

What is the different between septorhinoplasty and functional rhinoplasty for crooked nose ?

Multiple fractures to nose after two closed reduction done and now the nose is deviated and deformed on the left what procedure to seek closed or open... READ MORE

Who is/are the absolute BEST reconstructive rhinoplasty surgeon(s) in the WORLD?

I have had two surgeries; the first was intended to fix a bad fracture/breathing issue, but instead all the surgeon did was remove too much cartilage.... READ MORE

How can I find a good revision surgeon?

Had no insurance and was "treated" with the worst, laziest nasal septo/fracture reduction job ever. Very unhappy and in need of a potenital... READ MORE

Is it possible to see the original ascending process of the maxilla in an open Revision Rhinoplasty?

Use out fracture to widen the lateral wall to where they used to be? (Make the lateral wall AND dorsum Wider) READ MORE

I'm not satisfied with the closed reduction after nasal fracture. Can I ask the doctor to do a revision before it heals?

Can I ask the doctor to repeat the reduction that was done to nose as the patient wasn't satisfied with the result ?If I felt the closed reduction... READ MORE

Why is crushed cartilage that was added to right tip visible at 6 weeks post op? (photos)

Had a revision rhinoplasty done 6 weeks ago because primary rhinoplasty left me with a C shaped nose. The double board certified facial plastic... READ MORE

Please need an expert opinion. Need your experts advice. Is it possible to recover my previous nose? (Photo)

A nose fracture made me decide to operate my already operated nose, once again . Without my consent, i woke up with a different nose. I am not fan of... READ MORE

Complex revision rhinoplasty for fracture left nasal bone scooped profile and tip? (photo)

Hi Doctors Im looking to have revision for my nose and i really need your recommendation and your suggestions for my case i could travel to us any... READ MORE

Looking for a great revision rhinoplasty surgeon who has extensive experience.

Had accident zygomatic blowout fracture with nasal and maxillary fractures.Underwent septorhinoplasty in 1994 with columella and dorsal implants for... READ MORE

Is there a way to reposition the nasal bone without osteotomies?

Two fracture to nose in the last couple years and a closed refuction was preformed for each bit the nose is deformed as the second reduction was not... READ MORE

Minneapolis or Arizona Nose Rasping Procedure/Doctor? What is the cost?

All I need is my nose rasped down from a non-displaced nasal fracture that has left a small bump/callus on the left side of my nose. If I could have... READ MORE

Is rhinoplasty needed to correct a crooked nose after closed reduction to get the original nose back? (Photos)

Almost 2 months ago I fractured my nose and had a closed reduction done to it. However, my nose seems to still be crooked. There is a bump and an... READ MORE

Nose too narrow and pointy post primary rhinoplasty. Possibility for revision rhinoplasty to correct (photos)

I had rhinoplasty to correct a fractured nose. The main aim of the the rhinoplasty was to reset the nose straight and fix breathing difficulties... READ MORE

Is my Rhinoplasty revision complicated? I had it 4 yrs ago to remove a hump on my nose after a fracture yrs earlier. (photo)

I had the hump shaved down, the nose slimmed and cartilage put in on the top part between my eyes. My tip or columella wasn't fixed though the... READ MORE

Can a doctor remove a small side bone fragment from old fracture on nasal bone during septoplasty without any plastic job done?

After a refuction I felt there was a slight broken fragmen attached to the nasal bone can this be removed with no nose job and nasal changes READ MORE

Messed up Indian nose (lots peep stare, scared or visib. repulsed caz of it). Suggestions 4 expert rev-rhino Drs in SoCal plz?

Hi, I’m a 22 yo indian male w/ nose hist of naturally poor aesthetics, at least 2 fractures & conserv. Kaiser septorhino Sept '15 w/ little a... READ MORE

After 2 operations, is the nose as good as it can be? (Photo)

I have had 2 septo-rhinoplasty operations to correct a nasal fracture, and have breathing problems, pain and a number of deformities. Can you please... READ MORE

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