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Revisionary Rhinoplasty for Semi-collapsed Nostril - Closed Rhinoplasty Method Possible?

The original surgery I had caused more feminization of the nose than I would have liked (I am male)and caused a semi-collapsed right nostril which... READ MORE

Can the Alar Part of my Nose Be Fixed to Look More Feminine? (photo)

I feel as though the outer part of my nose is much bigger than most females and I have a curve between my nose and upper lip. I have already had... READ MORE

Revision Surgery Needed 4 Years After Removing Hump? (photo)

I removed a nasal hump from my nose bridge 4 years ago, but I still think the bridge is too high. In my opinion the bridge looks too masculine for a... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty, or Fillers to Correct my Short and Wide Nose?

Primary Rhinoplasty in 2003 for my wide nose and deviated septum. Also narrowed the nostrils,which look worse & totally unnatural!I've been so... READ MORE

Can this nose be made smaller and more feminine? (photos)

Nose is long with droopy and bulbous tip one year after revision. The bridge was straightened but not shaved and it is still high. Nose Not botched... READ MORE

What needs to be done in order to get a more feminine/visually pleasing look to my nose? (Photo)

It's been about 3 years since my primary and I'm looking into getting a revision rhinoplasty. What techniques would need to be done in order to... READ MORE

Is this a realistic expectation for 2nd Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I stressed to my PS that I didn't just want my dorsal hump removed, but a small, feminine ski slope profile a la angelina jolie in order for it to... READ MORE

Is this a chance to get this stub on nose straight with a more defined feminine nasal tip? (Photo)

Second Rhinoplasty, nasal tip always ends up rounded. 2 years 4 months since last revision READ MORE

I have an over-projected nose, no longer feminine shape of bridge, angle of nose altered. Any suggestions?

The over-projection alone is embarrassing to walk around with. The nostrils have been made too long by the alar rim cartilage grafts and the tip graft... READ MORE

Will cartilage be needed to fix my previous Rhinoplasty or deprojection the tip and reducing the hanging collumella work?(photo)

Ive decided to have revision rhinoplasty, but now the challenge is finding the best dr for my revision. 1 surgeon said he could bring my nose closer... READ MORE

Primary rhinoplasty bad outcome - how to correct? (photos)

Hello, I had a rhinoplasty 1 month ago to remove a dorsal hump to have a more feminine look. However, i feel the surgeon has overdone my nose. He... READ MORE

Soon after revision rhino and I desire a more feminine nose. Is there anything I can do? (Photo)

I had a revision rhino 8 months ago to fix an open roof deformity and bulbous tip (shield graft was used). I feel like the shape does not flatter my... READ MORE

How to choose the right revision rhinoplasty doctor? (Photo)

I am currently interviewing doctors for a revision rhinoplasty and I am VERY concerned that I will not get the results I hope for. One of my biggest... READ MORE

Dent and bruising on nose tip post revision rhinoplasty part of swelling process? (photos)

I have had rhinoplasty for the third time. First time was in 2001, second time was in 2014 and lastly a month ago. I am aware of the significance of... READ MORE

Will I ever get my supratip break? (photos)

Hello. I am 1yr post revision Rhinoplasty and still do not have that feminine supratip dip/break. I still have some underlying fluid which 'pops' when... READ MORE

Questions about revision rhinoplasty: How to achieve the results I want? (photos)

I had an open nosejob a year ago, and I hate the result. My nose is too feminine, short, upturned, the scar is visible and uneven, I have a dent -... READ MORE

How can nose be revised, seeking surgeon? (photos)

In your professional opinion does it seem that reasonable improvements can be made to the nose to bring a more balanced pleasing feminine quality to... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty to slim, lengthen and refine this short, wide, thick skinned nose. (photo)

Would like to have revision rhinoplasty to slim, lengthen and refine this short, wide, thick skinned nose. Would really appreciate insights... ideas,... READ MORE

Does narrowing of alar base increase tip projection? Is it possible to make my nose noticeably narrower & more feminine? (Photo)

Had open rhinoplasty for bulbous (bifi) tip that was overprojected. Ten years later ready for a revision.Would like to get a noticeably smaller... READ MORE

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