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Rib and Fascia Vs Ear Cartilage to Fix a Scoop

I have a collapsed nasal valves,scooped bridge,and upturnrd tip from a primary rhino.I went on 2 consults for revision. One Dr suggested using ear... READ MORE

Botched, Butchered Nose Need Revision Info Please? (photo)

Unforunately I got butchered by an ENT. he used the tongue and groove. I think I have alar retraction on the left and right.I will probably need... READ MORE

Fascia Grafts for 3rd Revision Rhinoplasty: is This Safe? Will It Last? What Are the Downsides?

Hello, I've had two bad rhinoplasties, with the last one leaving my nose completely deformed. :( I've visited three top doctors in my country, and... READ MORE

Diced Cartilage Wrapped in Fascia for Creating Some Height in Revision? (photo)

I got inverted V dr said it'll be fixed with spreader grafts and on top can be layed dcf. He gave me the choice between donor rib and my own rib, I... READ MORE

Revision Rhino - Ear Cartilage Graft to fix Inverted V deformity?

I had primo rhino to remove TINY bump & thin my tip; now Im left with small bridge, fat tip & Inverted V deformity. Revision doctor said I have small... READ MORE

Fascia Graft in Secondary Rhinoplasty?

Had secondary rhino and a fascia was used as I have thin skin (also had slight further rasping of bone on bridge). I feel where the fascia was used... READ MORE

Augmentation Revision Rhinoplasty with Fascia and Diced Cartilage?

Hi, I had overresective male rhinoplasty 6 months ago. I do intensive research for augmenting my dorsum. I saw that DCF is a method wich augments the... READ MORE

Can Fascia Used on Its Own to Cushion Thin Skin in a Third Rhinoplasty Can It Also Heal Damaged Tissues?

FASCIA: I am concerned that by overstressing the already damaged tissues by another rhinoplasty can make the current situation of my skin worse if... READ MORE

Can I Have a Fascia Graft on Top of a Fascia Graft?

I had a bad nose job where the bridge was scooped out. I had a decent revision where a fascia graft was used to build it up, yet it is still a bit... READ MORE

Can my bridge be augmented with diced cartilage wrapped in alloderm or fascia? Would a plumping graft be suited for me? (Photo)

I got rhinoplasty 9 months ago. I wanted a straighter bridge and a little smaller profile. I think my surgeon resected too much. I don't like that I... READ MORE

Can perichondrium or temporalis fascia add slight augmentation and fullness to bridge?

Hi, I had a rhinoplasty 3 years ago and I feel it is "a little" refined and narrow. Also there is a slight indention where the nasal bones meet on the... READ MORE

Why isn't fascia used more routinely in thin-skinned revision patients?

I have had a revision rhinoplasty and I have thin skin. So far the healing hasn't revealed any irregularities but I do worry about the long term... READ MORE

Can DCF grafts be removed with the nose returning to the initial shape?

Dear docs, Had a revision rhino 1 month ago with a DCF graft put in to correct a scooped (but otherwise pretty) nose after 1st rhino. Now the nose is... READ MORE

What are the alternatives to temporal fascia?

I am looking to having a revision soon and I think the best route (as identified by various doctors) is to add fascia to the bridge of my nose to... READ MORE

Could a blanket fascia compromise circulation to nasal skin?

Since a revision operation nearly 2 years ago, where I had spreader and alar rim grafts and a fascia graft over my nose (4.5 hour operation time) I... READ MORE

Can diced scalp fascia be used as an injectable filler in Revision Rhinoplasty?

I am getting a revision rhinoplasty to correct some minor contour issues on my nasal bridge and tip. My surgeon is wanting to use diced scalp fascia... READ MORE

Wear Glasses with Grafts?

Hi All! I will be getting fascia over my bridge to cover up deformities in my revision rhino, and was wondering how long post-op that I wont be able... READ MORE

Searching for 4th rhinoplasty revision rhinoplasty, please help

My last surgery was 7 month ago I wanted to make my nose longer and higher bridge but the doctor made my nose worse with rib cartilages it's gone... READ MORE

Why are some top rhinoplasty doctors for and some against fascia grafting? Please help this thin skinned patient.

I chose to have a revision rhinoplasty to correct visible asymmetry to my tip after an accident/"shrink wrapping".Although my tip was left untouched... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty revision needed. Opinions? (photos)

No disrespect to my surgeon, just looking for input. My surgeon has told me I need a revision. I will visit him again at 11 months post op. My photos... READ MORE

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