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Is Dr Kassir a revision rhinoplasty expert?

I have had 3 failed rhinoplaties and cannot afford for a fourth one to go wrong. There is no doubt he is good by looking at his before/after photos,... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for 3rd Revision Rhinoplasty in New York

I have had three rhinoplasties. The first doctor left me almost with no nose and the other two surgeries were to try correct it. My nose does look... READ MORE

In real need of an undisputed Revision Rhinoplasty expert.

Three months ago I had a highly regrettable Septo/Rhinoplasty which left me with a short, upturned pig nose AND a Septal Perforation. I am truly... READ MORE

Looking for a great revision rhinoplasty surgeon who has extensive experience.

Had accident zygomatic blowout fracture with nasal and maxillary fractures.Underwent septorhinoplasty in 1994 with columella and dorsal implants for... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty expert needed. Can I have names of surgeons who are well known amongst their peers?

I am planning on coming to Miami to have my revision rhinoplasty done. I really want this time to be the last one. If possible can I be given the... READ MORE

At what point does a surgeon's age become more a risk factor rather than a benefit because of experience?

I am picking a surgeon for a revision rhinoplasty. I've had three consults with doctors who specialize in this. One of them is in his 70s and one of... READ MORE

Looking for the best surgeon with expertise in difficult rhinoplasty revisions in NYC. What corrections are needed? (Photo)

After much research to have a rhino I found a top NYC Dr. Money was no factor; I wanted someone reputable. His name is all over as one of NYC top... READ MORE

Is 10 year experience enough for a surgeon to perform a successfull revision rhinoplasty?

The surgeon I am about to see charges a lot for consultation therefore I want to ensure I am spending my money on one who is experienced enough. I was... READ MORE

Wanted: expert ENT for revision rhino in Sarasota. Insurance: Humana Medicare Advantage HMO Have referral

2011 Failed tip plasty....can't breathe at all from left nare. One side of tip had a 10% improvement, other side had none. Bridge is now far too thin;... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Recommendation

Hi Doctors, Thank you for taking the time to read my question :) I was wondering whether you would recommend Dr Richard Davis as a rhinoplasty... READ MORE

How important is it to find a revision rhinoplasty expert near where I live? (photo)

I have had a consult with a Dr. in DC (which was great) and having one in NJ with Dr. Eric Joseph in October. Both have great photos, testimonials,... READ MORE

Can you recommend a Revision Rhinoplasty surgeon in NYC experienced in removing scar tissue?

I had 2 revision rhinoplasties & want another. My last doctor found lots of scar tissue & it was stuck to my skin&had to snip my skin. I want to... READ MORE

For revision rhinoplasty, would I be best choosing an expert in Asian rhinoplasty?

My primary rhinoplasty has left my nose tip too small I feel. (upturned , short and pinched). Should I be reaching out to Asian rhinoplasty surgeons... READ MORE

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