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Seeking Top Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon in US for Ethnic Style/type Nose (But Not Ethnic)

This will be my second surgery after having had the first one well over a decade ago. I am looking for a mature (in age) surgeon that has performed... READ MORE

Ethnic Revision Rhinoplasty - Swelling or Indication of Outcome?

I had revision rhinoplasty three weeks ago to correct a deviated septum, severely pinched nostrils, sloped bridge and most of my septum was missing.... READ MORE

Tip Rhino Swelling Normal 2 Months Post Op

Hi. i have an ethnic nose and i undrwent a in january 30th by 6th revision rhino to augment my nose from a bad past rhinoplasty. im happy with my... READ MORE

Alar base reduction pros and cons in revision rhinoplasty? Can an ethnic nose be narrowed without it?

I plan on having a 3rd revision rhinoplasty to remove an implant & excess bulky scar tissue in the tip. A surgeon suggested alar base reductions to... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty with Tip Elevation I Regret; Steroid Injection from a Surgeon Other Than the One That Did Surgery?

I'm a woman w/ a bulbous, ethnic nose, thick skin & a slightly droopy tip that got a revision (open) rhinoplasty 12 days ago.After 1 wk Medoral... READ MORE

For Multiple Revision Rhinos, Is Ear Cartilage As Good as Rib?

Hi i just wanted to know in mulitple revision ethic rhinoplasty i recently had ear cartlidge used as a tip graft. i also had a medpor implant. i just... READ MORE

Is it possible that revision rhinoplasty can give me my old nose back or at least close to it? (photos)

I had my surgery about 3 months ago and so far I hate it, I feel like I lost part of my ethnicity. I was hoping that if I get a revision it will help... READ MORE

I feel ethnically erased. I'm Caucasian with Italian and German mix father, who I look like. What options do I have to fix it?

It was so important to me that I keep the profile angle and tip angle and side angles next to tip. I did not want or ask for this loss of inherited... READ MORE

Did my tip drop after rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had revision rhinoplasty including bridge work and tip refinement 4 months ago. My nose is still super swollen ESP tip area since I have very thick... READ MORE

Is caucasian lengthening rhinoplasty more challenging than ethnic lengthening rhinoplasty?

My nose was overshortened during my primary. I will need it re lengthened with a rib graft, and my question is, is this type of surgery when performed... READ MORE

Can I Undo an Upward Tip Rotation Without Disturbing a Medpor Implant? Patient W/very Thick Ethnic Skin?

5 wks ago in a lapse of judgment I had my nasal tip to be elevated in open revision rhino. I found out after the surgery a Medpor tip top graft (&... READ MORE

Would Silastic implants or rib be best for me for a revision Rhinoplasty in ethnic patients in dorsum or tip?

Unsuccessful 2nd rhinoplasty involving a medpor tip top graft put into tip to refine/rotate a bulbous, overprojected nose.I healed well till I was... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty thick ethnic skin? (photos)

I am meeting with surgeons because I have a stitch coming out from one of my pores. I had Rhinoplasty 2 years ago. I have noticed that over time my... READ MORE

Should my ethnicity matter when trying to decide on a revision rhinoplasty physician?

I had a long and wide Indian nose, but now it is short and narrow. I have been to several excellent revision rhinoplasty physicians for consultations.... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty to derotate nose to ethnic shape

What are the risks associated with derotating a nose back to the original ethnic hook shape? I love everything else about my nose from the primary... READ MORE

Ethnic nose surgery? (Photo)

I had a Septal cartilage graft placed in my columellar and a dissolvable PDS plate to define my tip and lift my nose. I also had my large ethnic... READ MORE

Accutane at Any Time Before Revision Rhinoplasty? Thick Ethnic, Acne Prone Skin

In the last ten years after aldactone, antiobiotics, topical treatments, & birth control, it is the only thing that has helped with persistent... READ MORE

Revision w/out implant removal. Is it possible to decrease bulbous tip w/out removing a pre existing implant in the tip? (photo)

Primary unsuccessful. I have 2 round implants ("dacron" made of polyester/polyamide) in my tip defining point (domes). No cartilage grafts were used.... READ MORE

a revision rhinoplasty . This is my last chance and am a hard case with ethnic nose. Considering the pictures what would be my o

Hi Dr. Tourimi, I had two previous rhinoplasties in 2006 and 2007 where no osteotomies done as I don't have much of a bone; only rasping of the bridge... READ MORE

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