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Seeking Top Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon in US for Ethnic Style/type Nose (But Not Ethnic)

This will be my second surgery after having had the first one well over a decade ago. I am looking for a mature (in age) surgeon that has performed... READ MORE

Alar base reduction pros and cons in revision rhinoplasty? Can an ethnic nose be narrowed without it?

I plan on having a 3rd revision rhinoplasty to remove an implant & excess bulky scar tissue in the tip. A surgeon suggested alar base reductions to... READ MORE

I feel ethnically erased. I'm Caucasian with Italian and German mix father, who I look like. What options do I have to fix it?

It was so important to me that I keep the profile angle and tip angle and side angles next to tip. I did not want or ask for this loss of inherited... READ MORE

Ethnic Revision Rhinoplasty - Swelling or Indication of Outcome?

I had revision rhinoplasty three weeks ago to correct a deviated septum, severely pinched nostrils, sloped bridge and most of my septum was missing.... READ MORE

Is it possible that revision rhinoplasty can give me my old nose back or at least close to it? (photos)

I had my surgery about 3 months ago and so far I hate it, I feel like I lost part of my ethnicity. I was hoping that if I get a revision it will help... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty with Tip Elevation I Regret; Steroid Injection from a Surgeon Other Than the One That Did Surgery?

I'm a woman w/ a bulbous, ethnic nose, thick skin & a slightly droopy tip that got a revision (open) rhinoplasty 12 days ago.After 1 wk Medoral... READ MORE

Tip Rhino Swelling Normal 2 Months Post Op

Hi. i have an ethnic nose and i undrwent a in january 30th by 6th revision rhino to augment my nose from a bad past rhinoplasty. im happy with my... READ MORE

How close to my old nose can I get with revision rhinoplasty? (photos)

I had open rhino/septoplasty and it dramatically changed and imbalanced my face. I want to know whether once the healing period has passed I can get... READ MORE

For Multiple Revision Rhinos, Is Ear Cartilage As Good as Rib?

Hi i just wanted to know in mulitple revision ethic rhinoplasty i recently had ear cartlidge used as a tip graft. i also had a medpor implant. i just... READ MORE

Did my tip drop after rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had revision rhinoplasty including bridge work and tip refinement 4 months ago. My nose is still super swollen ESP tip area since I have very thick... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty thick ethnic skin? (photos)

I am meeting with surgeons because I have a stitch coming out from one of my pores. I had Rhinoplasty 2 years ago. I have noticed that over time my... READ MORE

Is caucasian lengthening rhinoplasty more challenging than ethnic lengthening rhinoplasty?

My nose was overshortened during my primary. I will need it re lengthened with a rib graft, and my question is, is this type of surgery when performed... READ MORE

Would Silastic implants or rib be best for me for a revision Rhinoplasty in ethnic patients in dorsum or tip?

Unsuccessful 2nd rhinoplasty involving a medpor tip top graft put into tip to refine/rotate a bulbous, overprojected nose.I healed well till I was... READ MORE

Can I Undo an Upward Tip Rotation Without Disturbing a Medpor Implant? Patient W/very Thick Ethnic Skin?

5 wks ago in a lapse of judgment I had my nasal tip to be elevated in open revision rhino. I found out after the surgery a Medpor tip top graft (&... READ MORE

Bumpy dorsum because of overresection? Recreating tip structure, thick skin? Can this be fixed by an ethnic revision? (Photo)

I think the osteotomies for my nose were performed incorrectly... is there any reliable way to fix them? my surgeon claims that i don't look that... READ MORE

Should my ethnicity matter when trying to decide on a revision rhinoplasty physician?

I had a long and wide Indian nose, but now it is short and narrow. I have been to several excellent revision rhinoplasty physicians for consultations.... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty to derotate nose to ethnic shape

What are the risks associated with derotating a nose back to the original ethnic hook shape? I love everything else about my nose from the primary... READ MORE

How do I choose the right surgeon to do my revision ethnic rhinoplasty, and what warning signs should I look out for? (Photo)

Of Afro Caribbean decent, poorly done rhinoplasty 4yrs ago, minimal results & many errors. Seeking revision to eliminate bulbous tip, asymmetric... READ MORE

Who is the Best Ethnic Revision Rhinoplasty w/ Medpor removal surgeon in the NYC and New Jersey Area? (photos)

I had Rhinoplasty done on my nose about three years ago. I was left completely unsatisfied. The surgeon never ever took after pictures of me, which... READ MORE

Accutane at Any Time Before Revision Rhinoplasty? Thick Ethnic, Acne Prone Skin

In the last ten years after aldactone, antiobiotics, topical treatments, & birth control, it is the only thing that has helped with persistent... READ MORE

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