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Widen Dorsum? (photo)

Hello, 1 year ago I got my rhinoseptoplasty to fix a crooked nose with hump and deviated septum. Actually the result doesn't satisfact me, because my... READ MORE

Would revision rasping of my nasal bone make me worse off? Is it a risk? (Photo)

I want to rasp this prominent dorsum. Im afraid it would collapse or id be worse off. I knowy surgeon skilled. However what are risks and hows the... READ MORE

Unnatural looking nose, nostrils very small and weird looking. Can this be fixed? (photo)

As you can see the tip is over rotated and the nostrils are only half the size of the tip which should be 3/4 because it looks so weird! I had to put... READ MORE

What Kind of Revision is Needed when Your Nasal Dorsum Graft Migrates to the Left ?

What Kind of Revision is Needed when Your Nasal Dorsum Graft Migrates to the Left ? READ MORE

Nose with Convex Curve on Profile Only Lower Dorsum Lowered?

My dorsum was lowered but only that in the lower half of the nose resulting in inbalance with bridge and tip. The point half way down my nose projects... READ MORE

Irradiated Cadaver Rib Cartilage - I need a revision rhinoplasty to reconstruct the tip of my nose and dorsum.

Hi, I need a revision rhinoplasty to reconstruct the tip of my nose and dorsum, i'd like to know if irradiated cadaver rib cartilage would be suitable... READ MORE

How can I tell if I have nasal vault collapse or not, or just swelling and pressure?

I had a poorly healed rhinoplasty that pulled my nose down hard to the left & started feeling pressure 8 months afterward in upper lateral wall. One... READ MORE

Height Gained from Diced Cartilage Wrapped in Fascia?

I am to undergo a revision rhinoplasty to augment my dorsum. Apparently, the needed height increase for the augmentation to be effective is in the... READ MORE

Bone Fusion for Dorsal Augmentation, What do You Think?

I had a deviated septum surgery 6 months ago and the surgeon rasped a hump. Now my nose appears a bit convex and feminine! I want to augment my dorsum... READ MORE

Can I have a revision on my dorsum to reduce over projection? (photo)

Hi, I had a rhinoplasty 3 months ago and feel my tip is over projected. I have asked my surgeon for his opinion and he asked me if I would like... READ MORE

Question for surgeons- revision rhinoplasty

If a nose was reduced in primary rhinoplasty and the goal of a revision will be to add projection/build the dorsum or tip back up... is it sensible to... READ MORE

Had Rhinoplasty using rib cartilage to build my dorsum, now I need a revision. What's the best option please?

Same plastic surgeon is recommending medpor implant or bone graft from my temple since I'm having a forehead reduction as well. What would you recommend? READ MORE

Rib cartilage used for 2nd rhinoplasty revision all along nose and tip. Am I at extra risk for infection or warping?

I had rib cartilage rhinoplasty (3rd surgery, first with rib) and alot of rib was used on dorsum, bridge and tip. I am worried of warping or infection... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty? Build dorsum, project tip?

My nose was overly reduced & I absolutely hate it. It has resulted in a smashed/pinned down appearance from the front but my profile also appears... READ MORE

Wobbly Dorsal Graft- What's Going On?

I've had revision rhinoplasty to enhance my dorsum using rib-cage cartilage. The current shape is fine. However, if I so much as pick my nose... READ MORE

Looking solutions for over lowered dorsum after Rhinoplasty. Should a revision aim to restore the dorsum or lower bridge?(photo)

Lower half of nose too too deprojected relative to upper half. Despite being told not to deproject my nose or alter dorsum my surgeon did. I had... READ MORE

Nose too high after rhinoplasty with septal cartilage? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty to reduce a wide nasal bone and fix bulbous nose + septal cartilage, and revision for tip 5 months ago. The doctor did septal... READ MORE

A Bump Felt on Left Dorsum After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had a current revision rhinoplasty, just making one nostril smaller (under general anesthesia and about 40 minutes). I did not had that much... READ MORE

I strongly dislike a septal shield graft. When can I get it removed?

I had my dorsum lowered so much with the removal of an safely-placed but crooked implant (big mistake) and ear cartilage that I'm experiencing valve... READ MORE

Previously straight nose -- Now crooked after secondary rhinoplasty (Photo)

I had a secondary rhinoplasty 11 weeks ago to correct a deviation and a luxated cartilage over the ridge of my dorsum, as well as reduce the tip and... READ MORE

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