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Can a Rib Cartilage Spreader Graft Be Removed Without Causing a Deformed-looking Nose?

I had a revision rhinoplasty two years ago, and a spreader graft was placed in my nose to help with my breathing. It didn't work, and I now have great... READ MORE

I Had a Septorhinoplasty Operation 18 Months Ago, What Revision Work Do I Require? (photo)

The nasal septum has a gash on it (left nostril), either from being attacked or putting ice in it straight after the attack. Would the ice have caused... READ MORE

The tip of my nose is in constant pain. The doctor put a graft on the tip of my nose to make my nose straight. Any suggestions?

Almost immediately after surgery I could tell something was wrong. I was in a lot of discomfort it hurt and I felt there was no circulation in the tip... READ MORE

Is it too soon for a revision rhinoplasty?

Every morning I still feel a little bit of discomfort in my nose and I had my primary rhinoplasty in August 2015. I feel like this discomfort is never... READ MORE

Should I consider revision rhinoplasty 1.5 years post-op?

Hi, a year and a half after my rhinoplasty I've noticed that my nostrils are still very uneven, the septum is still visible through one of them and I... READ MORE

I had my second silicone rhinoplasty and it's too pointy. When can I have a revision? (Photo)

I had my second silicon rhinoplasty 2 mos ago and i have this pointy nasal tip, i dont feel any pain Or discomfort but the tip of my nose is red and... READ MORE

Difficult tip revision - causing problems 8 months post-op.

I have pain and discomfort in my columella region. I feel my columella strut clicking loose and catching/grinding on something. It was already trimmed... READ MORE

Nasal tip harshly pinched and pulled following revision surgery, how to undo unfavourable resulting changes? (Photos)

My nasal tip was harshly pinched and pulled outwards 3 weeks ago, following pain and discomfort. Currently at 15 months post-revision with thick/oily... READ MORE

Sensitivity after rhinoplasty

I am 8 months post op a 3rd rhinoplasty but have pain and sensitivity when I use little force on my nose. The bottom one third is the sensitive part.... READ MORE

Looking to an experienced Dr. willing to perform a difficult secondary rhinoplasty.

Rib cartilage had been added (2nd rrhinoplasty) due to a Curvature. For esthetic and discomfort I want to remove it or reshape it. The best Expert in... READ MORE

1 year post 2nd revision rhinoplasty. The strut is loose and flopping around inside. Advice?

My columella strut was trimmed and nylon sutured to caudal septum because it was moving a lot and clicking. As of now it is doing the same and I have... READ MORE

Strut pain after revision rhinoplasty (Photo)

I had a secondary revision rhinoplasty 5 months ago. I needed a trimming of my columella strut and had it sutured to my caudal septum. Anyway I... READ MORE

Dizziness and discomfort after nasal implant removal. Can I have the implant replaced in revision?

I'm a few months after a misguided nasal implant removal from my tip. The implant simply needed to be repositioned-not removed entirely. Now the... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty: After a severe nose bleed, cauterization, and packing; the nasal passage has very hardened mucus. Advice?

After irrigating with a saline solution for more two weeks has been ineffective. what else could help this discomfort? READ MORE

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