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When Is The Soonest To Get Revision Rhinoplasty?

The moment my cast was removed I stared into the mirror and hated what I saw. My nose looked too flat and big on my face, far from what it looked like... READ MORE

Over a Month Since my Surgery and the Nose Sits Too High on my Face.

I had my surgery over a month ago. I am really bothered by how high my nose sits from my face. the tip of my nose is too high. I am so self conscious.... READ MORE

When's the Soonest I Can Have a Rhinoplasty Revision?

Just had a rhinoplasty done about a week ago and i no everyone keeps saying give it time to go down for the swelling but i no its not going to go down... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty, could it be swelling?

Hello I recently had revision rhinoplasty. I'm 6 weeks post-op and I'm obsessing over the area in between my 2 nostrils, it seems to be hanging down... READ MORE

Nose bridge was better before rhinoplasty. (photos)

I did my rhinoplasty 1 month ago for the third time willing to fix the tip and the cartilage but i am shocked by the bridge of the nose that is... READ MORE

Will I ever look normal again, my nose has ruined my life. (photos)

I am severely depressed because of the results of a revision rhinoplasty. I had my first surgery to reduce the tip and remove a bump on my bridge. I... READ MORE

I had a secondary open rhinoplasty about 1 month ago. My nose is so big and piggy now that I feel bad to go out! (Photo)

After my secondary open rhino my nose is very big while i wanted to make it smaller and more defined! About 1 month is passed and it seems a lot... READ MORE

Is it wise for me to go back to my original surgeon for a revision?

I had surgery 6 months ago. The surgeon (as lovey and sweet as he is) and I were not on the same page. I have ended up with the EXACT nose shape that... READ MORE

Worst nose job ever! Can you recommend me the best revision surgeon who can help me get my old nose back? (photo)

5 months ago I had rhinoplasty that went completely wrong. I'm very depressed and I'm not pretty anymore. I actually liked my nose, but I had a hump... READ MORE

How can a nasal tip be lengthened in order to derotate please? Will I require grafts?

I had closed rhino/septoplasty. My PS lifted my tip up like a pig. I cannot stand the sight of my nose. I went from having a European nose with... READ MORE

Nose job 10 years ago: got necrosis and a scar on my nose. Please help. (photos)

Hello dear Dr I had an unsuccessful nose job about 10 years ago ,I involved necrosis and a scar on my nose.I did many cures for my problems such as... READ MORE

When is a bad nose job "Irreversible"?

Can a nose job become irreversible and why? I have a botched nose job with serious breathing problems. I visited a few ENTs/plastic surgeons in my... READ MORE

Can revision help to reverse tip to pre op? (photos)

Rhinoplasty 2 months post op. Result so far are very dissapponting. My alar wings are flared out i had a incision on the outside which healed nice. I... READ MORE

Possible to get back old nose? Super depressed! (photos)

I am 4 months post op open rhino. My nose was just a little bulbous and I had a teeny elevation on the bridge, I was ok with the rest. Now my nose... READ MORE

Are there any Surgeons who has experience in rebuilding infratip lobules and columella?

I am 6 months post closed septo/rhinoplasty. I am severely depressed. My surgeon shortened my columella and reduced my infratip lobule. I am desperate... READ MORE

How easy is this depression on nose to fix (post revisions rhinoplasty). (photos)

Hi doctors, I would love to get a second opinion on this.. I had a revision rhinoplasty about 11 months ago and as the swelling had come down there is... READ MORE

What do I do with my nose? 2 years after rhinoplasty I am depressed and disappointed. (photos)

I am so unhappy I could cry. I wanted my nose smaller and what I got was a more uneven nose. It is ugly. I feel ugly and I want it fixed. I do not... READ MORE

Botched nose job revision after 6 months, possible? Or too risky? (photos)

I've had a really botched nose( overresected bridge, upturned tip, flaring nostrils ) crooked nose because the cast wasn't straight... I'm so... READ MORE

So far recovery of septal perforation repair is going well! I'm healthy. I'm 1 1/2 weeks post. Splints are still in.

Its the holidays and doctor is busy w/ family. I was told nothing strenuous until the 4-6 week mark, but that on my 4th week post opp he would have a... READ MORE

NHS Rhinoplasty Revision/surgeons

Are Nose surgeons on the nhs very trained And Good at rhinoplasty or is it dependent on the consultation.? I already got a septorhinoplasty but he has... READ MORE

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