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How Much Does Revision Rhinoplasty Cost?

I am from Phoenix, AZ. How much should a revision rhinoplasty with little bone trimming, and some cartilage removal / restructuring cost in US$ terms?... READ MORE

Best Cartilage for Revision Rhinoplasty?

Hi. My name is Kazim and I'm from England and my problem is my nose. I had a nose job last year and the doctor did not do a good job my nose tip is... READ MORE

Does Cartilage on Nose Grow Back (Age 18)? (photo)

I noticed that I don't like having a straight nose, and that I would prefer it do be curved to how it was before. Although the curve was kinda... READ MORE

Hanging Columella Reduction Under Local Anesthesia

In a rhinoplasty 5 years ago my nasal bones were narrowed and tip rotated up. When I smile my nose looks pinched with an excessively wide alar base,... READ MORE

How Much Does Revision Rhinoplasty Cost if It is Only on the Tip?

The revision will only involve adjusting the tip and the size of the nostrils. READ MORE

Cost of Correcting Nose Dent After Rhinoplasty

I had a Rhinoplasty last year and wore a splint. One night, it fell off and, in my drugged stupor, I put it back on way too tightly. Now, my nose is... READ MORE

Average Revision Rhinoplasty Cost with the Same Doctor?

My plastic surgeon says that my nasal bone must have collapsed post-surgery, and I need a revision. He has yet to quote a price and I am worried... READ MORE

Do I Have to Pay for Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty a year ago. My nostrils are significantly uneven and I am not happy with the overall result. My surgeon removed more skin from the... READ MORE

High Fees for Consultation (Revision Rhinoplasty)?

I called 6 NYC area surgeons specializing in Revision Rhinoplasty. All have consultation fees ranging from $100 - $350. The grand total for all:... READ MORE

What is the Recovery Time and What Are the Risks of Alar Base Reduction?

I am thinking of having a secondary rhinoplasty to reduce my nasal width and was wondering what the risks of scarring were, the risks of uneven... READ MORE

Can You Make Me More Attractive? I Am Really Unhappy with How my Face Looks

I had cosmetic surgery in Thailand in 2009. It was a big mistake. I had rhinoplasty which left me with an uneven nose, deviated septum and breathing... READ MORE

Is $16,000 Too Much to Pay for Revisioin Rhinoplasty?

I am having a revision rhinoplasty. I need rib cartilage put in my nose to fix it. Is $16,000 just way too much too pay for this procedure? READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Cost with Same Doctor?

How much is the average cost of revision rhinoplasty with the same doctor? READ MORE

Is Retouching Your Nose After a Rhinoplasty Cheaper with Same Surgeon but Expensive with Others? (photo)

I got a nose job, and I am not in love with my new nose.. So I want to do a nose retouch with the surgeon who did it and should be way cheaper than... READ MORE

Removing Medpor Nasal Implant After 4 Months of Surgery? Horriblenose Job My Dr, Wants Me to Pay Again!!!

HHello Drs, I'm 34 years old women who recently had done a rhynoplasty ( medpor drum implant)On April 12, but it makes my nose horrible big and I... READ MORE

Cost and Doctor Recommendations for Nose Revision in Toronto?

I have been told before doing another nose surgery i should really consider to find the best surgeon this time. I would like to have narrower,smaller... READ MORE

Droopy Tip After Rhino; Can I Just Raise The Tip Without Touching The Cartilage or Bone For Revision?

Hi i have done rhinoplasty before and now i have a droopy tip. My question is can you raise the tip without touching the cartilage or bone? What about... READ MORE

Tip Rhinoplasty or Revision?

I had a slight bump removed during a rhinoplasty two years ago. I still feel that my tip is slightly too long and it's also somewhat drooping,... READ MORE

Does Anyone Know of an Experienced/good Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon Who is Not Too Expensive (I.e. Under $11,000)? (photo)

I'm from Australia and had a primary open septorhinoplasty that left me with a droopy tip and an oddly shaped bridge (perhaps an open roof deformity?)... READ MORE

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