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Can Cortisone Injection Cause Swelling?

Iam 11 weeks post op. Its my third surgery and i have very thick skin and scar tissue appears very easily. I got a cortisone injection today on my... READ MORE

Any Risks Associated with Cortisone Injection in Nose Tip?

I've had my second revision a couple weeks ago. I got a question about cortisone injection in the nose tip, are there more risks with injecting... READ MORE

Worried About a Point I've Noticed After Revision on my Nose (photo)

Revision on my nose its now 20 days passed but at the top left side of my nose theres somthing pointy its soft when pressed on and my dr injected... READ MORE

Extreme asymmetry following revision septorhinoplasty. Is it swelling? Will it go away? Panicking.. (Photo)

Closed revision septorhinoplasty 1 week ago in order to correct bump above tip and to correct deviated septum. Nasal bone was not fractured so no... READ MORE

3 rhinoplasties over 20 yrs and my nose is worse! Can this be improved upon? Im miserable. Ugly!

1surgery cosmetic issues only. 2 surgery(different surgeon) used template+ open procedure turbinate reduction,deviated septum (sinus issues, possibly... READ MORE

Cartilage or scar tissue? Will steroid shots help? (photos)

1 operation and 3 revisions. Last revision was made 4 weeks ago and now I have a huge tip. My doctor says it is scar tissue and not cartilage (though... READ MORE

Nasal valve collapse Rhinoplasty revision. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty revision 6 months ago, this time to fix a nasal valve collapse on my right nostril, its been 6 months and I have nostril asymmetry... READ MORE

Revision needed. What surgical method would be used to revise wide tip in thick skinned middle eastern patient? (photos)

Failed primary - tip is still wide. Cortisone injections only shrank tip temporarily (shots were not given early enough post op). I had MASSIVE... READ MORE

How Much Cortisone Can One Get?

I had 3 rhinoplasty in a two year period. Long story but the last doctor that I am with now finally got it right. I hope. I had after the first 2... READ MORE

Columella + Revision at 4 months post op suggested by surgeon as a possibility? Is this a good idea? (photos)

Had open rhinoplasty 6 wks ago to reduce width of tip &make less upturned. She used 3 grafts including 1 in the columella. Went in for 6 week post op... READ MORE

Will cortisone shots or another revision help with breathing issues? (photo)

Revision rhino did not help breathing, it's worse. Limited breathing in both nostrils after 18 months post revision rhino to correct breathing... READ MORE

Can we just touch the tip of the nose w/o adding a dorsal graft when there is a polly beak after original Rhinoplasty?(photo)

My surgeons told my that in my revision rinoplasty he can only retouch the tip of my nose. Reduce the cartilage and cut the tissus if there's some and... READ MORE

I'm 10 years post revision rhinoplasty and have developed large scar tissue. Is it too late for a cortisone injection?

I went under revision rhinoplasty in 2006, and have noticed a significant amount of scar tissue that has developed around my nose. I was wondering if... READ MORE

Is it normal to get an indent in your skin after a cortisone injection post rhinoplasty?

Second revision rhynoplasty (narrowing of the tip) done February 6th and at the end of June I went in for a follow up. The left side of my tip was... READ MORE

Why does my nose look like this and what can I do? (photos)

I hade a rhinoplasty in Sweden in 2009 by a top surgeon that was expensive. I came back for cortisone injections and did complaint several times but... READ MORE

How to thin down thick skin on dorsum of nose.

After a previous rhinoplasty 3 years ago my skin thickened. I have tried cortisone injections and needling to help with breaking up any scar... READ MORE

I got a cortisone injection 48 hours ago and it swelled up like crazy right away, it hasn't gone down yet. Should I be worried?

I got a cortisone injection because I developed little bit of a hump right above the tip, kind of like a "pollybeak". I had surgery 7 weeks... READ MORE

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