Correction + Revision Rhinoplasty

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Should I Go for Revision Rhinoplasty Because of Hanging Columella?

I had a Rhinoplasty operation 2 years ago and was quite happy with the results at the time, but since then I have grown increasingly unhappy with the... READ MORE

Recommendations for a Tip Correction/Rhinoplasty in NY? (photo)

I have a bifid nose tip and have been considering a tip correction. I would appreciate answers to a few questions: First, what sort of procedure is... READ MORE

Can a Collapsed Internal Valve from a Revision Rhinoplasty Be Corrected?

I had revision rhinoplasty to correct damage to a nostril and problems breathing that were caused by a small accident. Since the revision, I am almost... READ MORE

Can a Nose That Had Rhinoplasty and Was Made Shorter Be Made Long Again?

I had a rhinoplasty done and was not provide with what I had requested. I wanted a slimmer pointier nose and now I have a short stub of a nose. It... READ MORE

Strange Tissue + Asymmetries. Will It Heal Correctly Or Will I Need Revision? (photo)

5 days ago I had a revision nose job: septoplasty, ear cartilage added to the bridge, tip-plasty. I know it’s too soon for any evaluation, I... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty - Which Procedure? (photo)

Dear experts, I had a failed nose surgery in 2008. Consequently, I am looking into secondary rhinoplasty to correct my nose. Enclosed you will find... READ MORE

What Are my Options with This Upturned Nose?

I have had rhinoplasty 10+ years ago but I never liked the results because I still have an upturned nose. How difficult would it be to correct this?... READ MORE

Nose walls and tip feel hollow/concave after heavy cocaine use 6 years ago. Can this be corrected with reconstructive surgery?

After rhinoplasty in teens, I heavily abused cocaine in 20s. I have been sober for 6+ yrs. My inner nose tip feels hollow (in mirror I can see one... READ MORE

If I Decide to Go for a Revision Rhinoplasty What Will Be the Procedure in my Case? (photo)

I have posted before that I had a open rhinoplasty 1st of March 2011, I have been checked by a otorhinolaryngologist and it has confirmed that I have... READ MORE

The tip of my nose is crooked after a previous rhinoplasty. Is it possible to correct with a tip-plasty?

I had a rhinoplasty nearly 7 years ago to remove a hump from the bridge of my nose and just generally to make my nose smaller. I am not happy with the... READ MORE

Onlay graft = only option for saddle nose correction?

Dear doctors, is placing an onlay graft the only option for correcting a normal height nose which saddled? Why can't the existing bone/cartilages be... READ MORE

How can a step-off deformity be corrected (without fillers)? Primary Closed Rhinoplasty done 5 months ago (Photo)

I'm unhappy with the results of my primary rhinoplasty. Then I noticed a step-off deformity along the sides of my (bony) bridge. The surgeon performed... READ MORE

I need help to correct extreme short-nose caused by a surgeon who thought a nose like a pig would suit me. (Photo)

Please can anyone advise if they think they could make this better? I have a bone graft from my elbow currently. I am happy to have any correction... READ MORE

Would you recommend me a revision rhinoplasty to correct the defects of the first one? (photos)

I had a a rhinoplasty 18 months ago. i have a visible collumela hanging that is not beautiful from profile, with a visible scar on one side and a... READ MORE

Is a Rhinoplasty revision a good choice? (photos)

Hi! I had my first rhinoplasty about a year and a half ago. I'm considering going back to my surgeon and having a revision. My main area of concern... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty revision wanted. What needs to be done and corrected? (Photo)

I am 6 months post op from primary open rhino and just had my follow up with my PS. He is considering another OPEN revision in 2 more months (8months... READ MORE

Why does my nose look wider after revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had revision on my nose few years ago and my nose looks now too wide. Is there anything that could be done to make it look narrower? Here are photos... READ MORE

Can This Be Corrected, What is It Because She Didn't Have It Before and Can They Do It?

My daughter had rhinoplasty to slightly narrow the sides of nostrils. Ends up with a hard point on the left side of the tip of her nose like a big... READ MORE

The tip of my nose is still low and does not look normal and nostrils are misshaped. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am writing to you today because I would appreciate your advice .I have now undergone 2 separate Rhinoplasty operations and both left me very upset... READ MORE

Would you recommend filler correction after a Rhinoplasty revision? (photos)

I had my revision rhinoplasty by using rib cartilage 1 month ago. Right now, it seems that the graft has shifted to the right side. While waiting for... READ MORE

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