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Infected Gore-tex Nasal Implant

I had revision Rhinoplasty in Nov. 09. I didn't think my doctor had used a implant in the bridge of my nose. For the past year I have not been... READ MORE

Rib Cartilage Used As Spreader Grafts - How Likely Are the Complications?

Hi, I am considering a revision rhinoplasty because I have an inverted V deformity and it hurts my breathing. Two surgeons I have consulted have said... READ MORE

Is 7 Months Too Early for a Revision For a Case With Multiple Complications?

I am saw a well regarded rhinoplasty Dr. as a second opinion. He basically confirmed all my fears. I am now suffering from alar rim retraction,... READ MORE

If my Revision Rhinoplasty Resolved Some Issues, but Caused Others, Should I See the Same Surgeon Again?

He sees the upturn, nostril show and the nostril assymetry, and is willing to revise (for a reduced fee-- not free), but if he promised me no upturn... READ MORE

Augmentation Revision Rhinoplasty with Fascia and Diced Cartilage?

Hi, I had overresective male rhinoplasty 6 months ago. I do intensive research for augmenting my dorsum. I saw that DCF is a method wich augments the... READ MORE

What Would Cause Neuropathic Pain After Nose Revision Surgery?

I ended up with many complications because of a novice and aggressive surgeon. One being severe neuropathy all around nostril regions and tip... READ MORE

In the Context of Rhinoplasty, How Difficult is It to Fix a Midvault Collapse?

I understand that revision rhinoplasty is inherently complex however I know that some techniques are more difficult than others. I had a revision... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty - Which Procedure? (photo)

Dear experts, I had a failed nose surgery in 2008. Consequently, I am looking into secondary rhinoplasty to correct my nose. Enclosed you will find... READ MORE

Rhino Revision with Rib Cartilage & Possible Complications? (photo)

I'm interested in revision rhino. Septoplasty with my primary, so I do not have sufficient septal cartilage. I need grafting to fulfill my issues and... READ MORE

Radix graft complications. Any suggestions?

I have revision rhinoplasty booked in few months, is it a good idea to have radix graft placed using your own septal cartilage or is it better to... READ MORE

Restore Dorsal Hump?

I recently had a septorhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum and crooked nose. My dorsal hump was softened to a great degree that my appearance has... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty revision simple or not? (photos)

3 months ago I had rhinoplasty done. I'm not dissatisfied with the idea of the new shape, I am dissatisfied with the symmetry. It seems to be on an... READ MORE

What are downsides to using septal cartilage to build a tip? What are complications?

I had a bulbous, droopy tip revised one year ago using a medpor tip-top graft in my columella & ear cartilage. I was injured one month post-op & later... READ MORE

How to restore the nose? Widening my nose.

Please look at the picture: I am looking to widen the nose (reverse osteotomies), heighten the bridge, and add cartilage to the tip to make it more... READ MORE

Is 3 1/2 hours enough time for a complicated revision nose job and mini face lift?

Hi, I was wondering if you think 3 1/2 hours is enough time in surgery to do a complicated revision nose job and a mini face lift? I have heard that... READ MORE

Correct a deviated nasal septum and columella? (photos)

I have a deviated septum and a deviated columella. Since the MiniCAT was taken I had cobllation turbinate reduction. Question #1: Is there an improved... READ MORE

If complications occurred after revision rhinoplasty (includes grafting), can it be solved without getting another revision?

If absorption occured after revision rhino that included grafting of rib or ear will the nose go back to its shape as it was before the revision or it... READ MORE

Hi - I am dissatisfied with my results concerning a previous rhinoplasty and looking into chin augmentation. (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty and sinus surgery almost 4 years ago. I was happy with my results in the beginning but now I'm having some complications. I've... READ MORE

Can you have a revision rhinoplasty and mini lift at the same time and have good results or is it a bad idea?

Can you have a Revision Rhinoplasty and mini Lift at the same time and have good results or is it a bad idea? I realize that Revision Rhinoplasty can... READ MORE

5 months post op, what is the earliest time to do revision closed rhinoplasty?

Hello, i had closed rhinoplasty 5 months Ago and i want to do revision, doctor told me it might "repture" septum if i do it early, when is the... READ MORE

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